Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've not had the energy to blog these days because...

... we've been involved in a race.  Specifically, the Amazing Race: Parenthood.  Here are the details:

The Team: Jcube (Papa, Mama and Junior J)

We're headed for the Parenthood Pitstop:  The goal is for a happy healthy family.

The bonus prize:  A completed dissertation for the Mama.

Detour: Groan or lone
We had to choose between taking care of Junior J on our own, or getting my mum to take care of him for part of the day so that I could write my dissertation.  She's been experiencing some difficulties in handling the boy along with her housework, so we've opted for the former option, starting over the weekend that was past.  This meant writing the dissertation only at night when the boy was asleep.

Roadblock: Who wants to be a party pooper?
A roadblock is a task only one team member may perform.  Mama was the lucky person to complete the task, consisting of taking care of a sick Junior J who had caught a stomach bug from his Papa over the weekend.  The boy had a high fever for a few days, and had diarrhoea over 10 times on Monday (when the hubby was on call).  Guess who had to clean up all the poop?  To make it more challenging, the boy puked up after almost every meal.  To sum it up, the boy's butt was probably the cleanest thing in the house, amidst puked up bedsheets, dirty diapers and soiled jammies.  

Team Jcube's progress:
Well, thank God that the boy is better now, and is able to stomach really small meals.  He's started sprouting a rash over the whole body, so we we're just monitoring to see how it goes.  The dissertation has lain unwritten for the past few days, and I'm hoping to write some now as the boy naps.  

Let's cheer the team as they continue to progress through their race!   Have a great week...

P/S: I don't think I've the guts to actually make it to the real Amazing Race (I'm terrified of heights and will run home at the first suggestion of bungee jumping)... but here's the details of the REAL version. :)


  1. hang in there babe! Mamahood and dissertation writing is never easy but you'll get through!! Will be praying for u!

  2. I hope Junior J is feeling better now. Remember to keep him hydrated when he has that much diarrhea. My doctor always advises me to have my kids drink electrolyte drinks to keep from dehydration whenever they have frequent diarrhea. Take care.

  3. hang in there, hope baby J is feeling better! and all the best for dissertation, try not to burn out too fast! ur almost done!

  4. hey MamaJ, i'm sorry about your boy not keeping well.. hope he gets better soon and mama gets to write and finish the dissertation soon...

    keeping you in prayers that God gives you the strength...that you would make it to the real Amazing Race!!

    thanks for visiting me...:)

    Underneath His Wrapping

  5. add oil! hope your J Jnr is getting better too ...

    btw, if you do go to office, it's prob v near to where my office is too ...

  6. Hope he's feeling better. Stomach bugs are the worst cos they are so contagious!

  7. Jus, All the best! I am confident that you can make it through.

  8. I am sure your son is on the road of recovery!!!

  9. speeedy recovery for Junior J! give lots of water, dont let him dehydrated... my PD used to say if they dont eat or drink milk is okay.. but give the child water. warm water is great! meanwhile more coffee for you... to ensure the eyelid open for writing... it hells! i really can imagine myself in your shoes, sooon maybe in a year time. jia you jia you!!

  10. Whoa...that's so much to handle all at once, with your dissertation and Baby J falling ill. I hope Baby J has recovered and may the Lord continue to give you the grace of his strength to see your through this period. Do take care of your health too.

  11. You can totally win the Amazing Race cause you are an Amazing Mum!

    The journey though is fraught with much difficulty - but you shall overcome.

    Things will get better soon, hang in there!

  12. Jo: Thanks for the prayers! Appreciate it...

    RoseBelle: Thanks for all the tips... He's finally recovered, after one week of diarrhoea!

    Bingling: Thanks girl... :)

    Ruth: Thanks for praying.. Heee, I don't think I have the guts for the real one!

    Muminthemaking: Yup, way better, just no appetite still... Hmmm, but I'm not working, so which office are you referring to?

    Jillian: Yup, thanks! Yes, they really are terrible! :p

    Denesa: Thanks!

    Sunflower: Yup, now all ok save for his appetite. He's destined to be one short skinny kid...

    Pooipooi: Thanks! He refused water all the time, but he took breastmilk, so I just gave him whatever I had! Haha, coffee really is a must! :p

    Rachel: Yup, he's good now! :) Thanks for the reminder, will try to rest more!

    Daphne: Haha, thanks for the encouragement... I don't think I'll ever make it, I'll run straight back to Singapore if there's anything related to heights!

  13. the office you go to if you have to meet the academic people about your dissertation =)

  14. Muminthemaking: OH! Ok, NOW i get it! ;)



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