Sunday, July 25, 2010

A year and a half

Dearest little boy,

All of a sudden, you're learning alot,
We can tell your neurones are firing away, red hot.
You can finish the words to "Hickory Dickory Dock",
You can say words like "chair", "ball", "cheese", "car" and "sock".

You're a great helper, helping to keep the clothes pins,
You'll even help me to load clean laundry into a bin.
Sometimes you try to help me water the plants,
And if asked, will pass me the stuff that I want.

You love to terrorize the dog,
And you've learnt how to croak like a frog.
You still get mixed up between "lion" and "tiger",
But you can give a fearsome roar if we mention either!

This month you've suddenly become really clingy,
We've nicknamed you "Barnacle J", and "Sticky Monkey",
You always need to be carried and you've grown a little more,
You're now 9 plus kg, so hefting you makes our arms sore.

You just caught a GE bug which gave you diarrhoea alot,
It seems that you're destined to remain skinny and short,
But rest assured no matter what shape and size you may be,
You'll always remain perfect to me!

This month has seen many a tantrum and crying fits,
When we tell you "no", you'd stick out your tongue and spit,
Although we know, an angel you're not,
Be rest assured, we still love you alot!

Happy one and half birthday, hope you had a great one,
Let's hope turning two will be twice as much fun!

Your Mama (who yes, is still keeping track,
So she'll have a record next time when looking back!)


  1. Happy 1.5 year birthday Jude! You're so cute!!!

  2. Happy 1.5 years old! Love reading about you through your Mama's blog. (Aunty here is skinny & short too. It is ok, really. :p )

  3. Very nice post!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a sweet post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are very creative, my friend, I guess I told you that already...

  5. happy 18 months (and a great job on the rhyme)!

    Tru gets confused between lion and tiger too. I suppose they roar too similarly, haha.

  6. Jo: Thanks! :)

    MieVee: Heeheeeheee... your comment made me laugh! :) And yes, I think its totally ok!

    Lazymummy: Thank you! ;)

    Kira: Heeehee, thanks... :) I was tinkering with the idea of writing a children's book, would you be interested to illustrate it?

    Daphne: Thanks! Haha, I always thought the stripes and mane will help them to differentiate, but I guess they just look like big kitties to these boys!



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