Friday, August 6, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: There's always something. :)

Hello!  Its Friday, and I've yet to give thanks yet!  Things have been rather crazy around here.  Both me and the boy recovered from our flu, then the hubby fell sick... Then the boy caught ANOTHER cold, so he's been sneezing oatmeal out by the mouthfuls during every meal...  I've been really busy at home, and have barely touched my research this week.  Ah well.  Anyway, here's my quick list of gratefulness, to remind me to be thankful and not complain so much!

We are thankful this week for:

1. Time spent together as a family, such as another trip to the zoo on Tuesday when the hubby was post-call.  I really love how nicely they've landscaped the entire area, and how they've planted pretty flowers all over the place...

... and I'm sure the boy loved it to!

And we really enjoyed looking at all those amazing animals God created, from the mighty rhinos...

To those really pretty zebras!

2. Hot soup on rainy days.  And hot drinks that soothe a painful sore throat.

3. God's faithfulness.

4. Great friends, that really offer help... From lifts to church to babysitting... they are there when you need them! :)

5. Painted clouds during sunsets.

And on a side note, the hubby will be off for a medical mission trip tomorrow for about 1.5 weeks.  We'd really appreciate prayers for a safe and fruitful trip, especially since he's still sick, and will be the only anaesthetist on the team!

The boy's really gonna miss his papa.  Here he is, pulling his father's ear!
Have a great weekend!


  1. i really admire how you guys still can go on mission trips and outings despite being so busy!! how do u manage! lol muz share tips!
    keeping the Jcube team in prayer again! :) may God bless you guys and the team with good health, wisdom and fellowship to do His good works wherever u guys are headed!

  2. Can I save those amazing orchids ??? I´m collecting them for my next painting...
    I´m glad you feel better and I hope your husband can enjoy his trip!!! Have a nice weekend!

  3. Bingling: Hmmm... I guess something has to give (in this case its my dissertion:p). I guess it helps that I'm not working, so my schedule is more flexible... anyway, I think you're doing great on your list before 30! :)
    Thanks for the prayers, I really appreciate it!

    Kira: Oh you're welcome to do so! :) Can't wait to see your painting of orchids! Hope you had a great weekend!



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