Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Hello!  It was a long weekend over here in Singapore since we celebrated our nation's birthday yesterday.  I think most families had fun over the weekend, we managed too as well, even though the little boy is still running a cold, and we really missed the hubby alot.  There was some worrying and panicking after hearing the news about the landslides in Gansu (since the hubs is there now), but we managed to contact him and he's safe and sound (but still coughing badly and on antibiotics, please pray for a quick recovery, and for those affected by the landslide, thank you!)

So here's what the boy and I have been up to this long weekend:

1. The boy has learnt this new skill recently of grabbing his windmill:

... and standing in front of the fan (and switching it on if it was off)...

... and letting that windmill FLY! :)

2. We sent the hubby off to the airport early Saturday morning, and two of our DG mates were kind enough to come along too. (Thank you!)  Had yummy nasi lemak over at Kiliney's while we were there, and the hubby then left with his team mates...

3. I dropped Junior J at my mum's for abit in the afternoon so that I could have a little bit of me time... since I know I'd be stuck with him 24/7 for the rest of the time!  It was nice sitting on the train, being able to read Martha Stewart Living and having my lap to myself for abit!  Met up with an ex-colleague over at Plaza Singapura, and we scored a couple of good deals over at Papermarket.    Oh, and we also attended their "Make & Take" session, since it was early and the shop wasn't really crowded, and made this yummy little jar!  Thanks Jo for the tip!)

We also had a nice chitchat over lunch...
... and also got to go to Daiso, where I managed to get some craft materials for Junior J and myself. :)

OH!  Before I forget, I happen to have two $10 vouchers for Papermarket (valid for a $40 purchase, until 15th Aug), which I doubt I'll get to use since I managed to buy the stuff I wanted.  If any of you dear readers would want it, do drop me a comment! :)

4. Was supposed to bring Junior J to the zoo with his godparents on Monday, but the boy was feverish the day before, and it rained, so we ditched the zoo plans.  The godparents (who are actually not related, but really good friends of ours!) helped to babysit while I caught up on some housework, and the little boy had fun playing with them.

5. We dropped by to Junior J's godfather's place over on Monday evening for dinner, along with the rest of our DG (and a whole bunch of other people!), since he'd just moved to a new place that offered a good view of the Singapore Flyer, plus the fireworks that would be set off during the National Day Parade.  The boy had a great time, going "POMB!" everytime he saw those fireworks (he left loads of slippery marks of his enthusiasm on the window...), and he was very happy waving his Singapore flag!

He also received a light stick (Thanks Pete!), and waved it all the way home, showed it to his Papa on Skype, and was still clutching it when it was time to turn in!

After the dinner, at home.  No photos taken during the dinner,
since I had to carry the boy and 2 bottles of wine,
and really couldn't manage a camera as well!
Ahhhh.  Happy National Day to all Singaporeans!  And to the hubby... we really miss you lots!

PS: I wanted to upload some fireworks shots taken by a friend, but Blogger seems to be rejecting all my uploads suddenly.  ARGH!


  1. You sound so busy!!! I´m glad you had a good time!
    I have no idea what Papermarket is but I DO love paper!!!

  2. tough when hubby is away...don't know who's got it tougher though...us mums or the kids!..hang in there!

  3. Great to have godparents around when daddy is away:)

  4. i love your Make and take! It's nicer than mine!! You have star...I got some oversized flower! But ...at least got couponss.....wowowoowowowwwwwww...hehehhe

  5. Hi Jus,
    Hang it there... i understand the feeling of missing the other half and also at the same time being strong taking care of the household and the little one! and also im sure the writing is still at the back of your mind, but dont be so hard on yrself ya... thats where scrapping works miracle! scrap and play with colours! I like the shot of Junior J playing with the windmill and my boy also likes to put the windmill next to the fan.. so cute:)

  6. Kira: Papermarket is one of the shops we have here that sells all sorts of paper and scrapbooking related supplies. They sometimes have good deals! And my paper addiction is really making me broke...

    Cynthia: Hmmm, I think its the mum! Hahah...

    Denesa: Yup, totally AGREE!

    Jo: Oh, they had different designs? Ya, them coupons were GOOD! Thanks for the tip-off!

    Pooi: Ya, its so cute when they do that right? Wish I could scrap, really no time since I gotta do housework when the boy is sleeping! But will, especially when the dissertation is done... heeheee...

  7. Hi MamaJ- Jus checking, are you on FB?

  8. Hi MamaJ,
    Angie from Simply Mommie dropping by! Hope everything's gg well!

    I'm having my first BP at SMH, selling handmade educational learning aids for tots. Do chk out the link: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/4369940.html?1281941863

    Have a great day!

  9. add me can? heee... my email is levine_tay@yahoo.com

  10. Levine: Ok will do that when I log in! :)

  11. Angie: Thanks for popping by... Will drop by the link when I can! :)

  12. Thank you for the explanation!!!

  13. Love the pics - by the way Truett has the exact same windmill!

  14. Kira: No worries :)

    Daphne: Thanks! Hee hee, yup, I think they sell it everywhere!



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