Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Required rest

I was still sick over the weekend so I took some time for some much needed rest, and I think its done me some good since I feel better.  :)  So all in all we had quite a leisurely weekend, with the hubby helping out Junior J's godpa to shift house on Saturday morning, and just church on Sunday.  I got to sit in for the service and listen to the sermon without having to keep one eye out for a restless toddler, and the little boy attended Children's church with his papa (I didn't want to go and spread my germs to the kids) and learnt that God gives us many many things (I thought it was so apt since we've been updating the weather chart every morning):

We also managed to have dinner with my parents on both nights, where my mum cooked on one night, and we went for kuey chap for the other (Its at this coffee shop at Toa Payoh Lorong 4, and the queue is tremendously long!  We waited for 40 minutes, only to find it was way over-rated, and decided that the version sold across at the market was way better, and half the price!).  On both nights, Junior J hung out with his grandparents while we snuck off to have cheesecake at Coffee Bean on one night, and a back massage on the other.  I had really needed that 20 minute massage, since my neck and back was killing me!

Oh, and we popped by Eastpoint on Sunday after having lunch with our churchmates.  We had round number 2 for lunch (soup and dessert, as we needed a place to feed Junior J) at Paradise Inn, and also managed to get some stuff I was hunting for: A laminating machine (Thanks Jon for the alert, it really was a good deal!), light sticks (this one was thanks to another bloggy mum), paper doilies (as usual, for my crafting), and a balloon pump.  It was a weird collection of buys, but well, the stuff we needed. :)  Eastpoint has a HUGE pet store called the Pet Safari, and Junior J was really happy pottering around there, peering at the trembling terrier getting a haircut, and looking at all the rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and puppies.  

Am feeling rested, so its time to get back to wrestling with my dissertation!  Have a great week ahead!


  1. Wow sounds like u had a good weekend Jus! Hang in there! The awful thesis will be over soon!!

  2. kuey chap at this coffee shop at Toa Payoh Lorong 4 <<< you are so near me.

    I have never waited for more than 20 mins to have Kuey Chap but I have not ate that for very long. (no craving.) The trick is go around 4 plus when they just set up the store.

    Next time you try this resturant, it is around my area too.

  3. Love the sunday school book. Made me inspired to do one just the same for N. Thanks for Sharing!

  4. Jo: Thanks girl. :)

    Sunflower: Haha, we've concluded its not worth it, and that the kuey chap at the market is NICER! We've gone to Tim's, their food's pretty good! :)

    Homeschool@SG: :) Glad too!



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