Friday, July 30, 2010

How to catch a star

1. Get one old box from Ikea used formerly to contain a star-shaped lamp.  Get a willing helper to test the solidarity of the box:

2. Get helper to play peekaboo with box:

3. Cover said box with blue paper that has been painted over with ultramarine poster paint.  Sprinkle and glue down many many many "stars" punched out from old aluminum foil.

4. Add a title using lettering stickers, using a phrase from a verse in the Bible (from Phil 2:15)...

5. Cut and paste a HUGE star cut out from cardstock, and sprintz lots of glimmer mist...

6. Fly one rocketship with a little explorer along the path of the shooting star.

I used a flower punch to punch out shapes from shiny paper to make the "flames".

7. Step back and admire the star...

Supplies: Cardboard from an old Ikea box and aluminum foil,
Cardstock (American Crafts), Thickers (Glass Slipper),
Poster paint (Ultramarine), Dewdrops (The Robin's Nest).

8. And paste it up on a window, where stars are usually seen!

The window had to be covered since the room gets too much evening sun (and gets really hot),
but having the star cut-out let a wee bit of light in. :)
Those boxes were a gift from a friend, to keep Junior J's baby bracelet, first curl and first tooth. :)

PS: This was how it looked before I did up the nursery window...

The previous owner had also used the room as a nursery, but had painted this wall terra-cotta red,
hence the matching red cardboard.  I had hated how the colour had stuck out in our greenish blue walls!

Looks much better doesn't it? :)  Have a great weekend!

PS: I got some of my inspiration from the book "How to catch a star" by Oliver Jeffers, which was recommended by another mum in this post.

How to Catch a Star

And... the shooting star joins the paper cranesclouds and trees that are currently in Junior J's room!


  1. This is so creative! What a great idea :)

    Thanks for playing along with us at The Studio!

  2. What a great idea! I lack in the creativity department. This is project my kids can take part in and learn to.

  3. Wow! What a great upcycling project!The end product looks really cool! :)

  4. That's really a creative use of your scrapping materials! Love how u put his pic in the little rocketship. It is so nice that you are able to put your personal touch to his room...wish I had the motivation to be so artsy.

  5. What a nice idea!!!
    I love the way the window looks now.

  6. That's absolutely creative! I like it and the piece of artwork blends nicely with the wall now:)

  7. I'm really impressed! What a lovely idea. Glad you like the book :)

  8. Brilliant idea and artwork! The window looks gorgeous :)

  9. Wonderful and such a dazzling star indeed! I do admire you for your creativity, and I also absolutely love the painting of your trees!

  10. Amanda: Thanks for the visit! :)

    RoseBelle: Thanks! Yup, the kids can actually help to paste all the stuff on, pretty fun!

    Yyam: Thanks for popping by... :)

    Rachel: I'm sure you can, but I think you're just busy with all those amazing lessons and stuff at myplayschool... :)

    Kira: Thanks!

    Denesa: Thanks, yup, now its blue and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!

    Chocklitmom: Thanks... Yup, the boy LOVED it. So much that I've order more of those books from Mr Jeffers! Thanks for the great recommendation!

    Eileen: Thanks! :)

    The Beauties in Our Lives: Thanks... :)



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