Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Sick but scrapping

Junior J and I have been hit by some flu bug and I've been spending the past few days trying to get well.  The bug left me with severe backache on top of everything else (so I couldn't sit at the computer much to edit photos or work on my research), and Junior J was walking around with a nose that dripped constantly... We're still on the mend, and I've been too tired to work on my research, so I've been scrapping while the boy napped.

So instead of listing our blessings here, I filled up a page in my new notebook of blessings using the AC Baby Kit that I got from Scrappy Jo's:

Supplies: Patterned papers (American Crafts: Baby Kit & Letterbox)
Lettering (AC Remarks: Apollo, Making Memories: Tiny Alphas)
Stickers (AC Remarks: Baby, October Afternoon: Ducks in a Row)
Butterfly embellishment & notebook (From Joanna)
I got my layout inspiration from seeing those little square photos underneath the main photo from all those Flickr slideshows. :)

OHHH!  And if you like that little embellishment on the page, do check out our new little scrap shop, called "The Paperie", set up by my amazingly talented friend, Joanna, and me. :)  I've yet to make any to sell, but Jo has made these gorgeous ones, and they are up for sale (and we ship internationally too!)

Hope everyone has been having a good week so far. :)


  1. Good job with the page, Jus! I have some foam dots I can give to you..I think they'll come in handy for popping things on your page like your heart and starts!

  2. hurray on setting up shop!! everything looks super yummy, haha i have to restraint myself!!!
    get well soon!

  3. Very nice layout :) I like!
    And yes, congratulations on The Paperie! Would you like to have a link exchange with my little green shop?

  4. Jo: Thanks girl! Me got those foamies from KCK, thanks to your recommendation, Esther helped me to get them since she stays near the place! Thanks for offering anyway!

    Bingling: Heeeheee, must lend us your support!

    Eileen: Thanks! YES please! How should we go about doing it?



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