Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Toilet troubles and tummy time!

We spent the weekend hunting for a new toilet bowl, since the old one broke.  Toilet shopping started on Friday night, where we headed down to Balestier... and since choosing toilets is a tiring business, we filled up our tummies first with a yummy dinner: "lala mee" (clam beehoon) at 2nd Kitchen (see a review here).

Junior J making a mess, while his parents also made a mess with loads of clam shells...

However, the shops all closed pretty early, so we ended up going down to Balestier a second time on Saturday evening.  We went to a few shops, and talked to 2 salespersons.  One was a disinterested lady who shrugged and kept saying there was no difference for the different water efficiency ratings (hmmm, but if one system uses 3.5 litres per flush, and the other 4 litres, the water saved does add up I think?)... while the other was a cheerful gentleman who patiently asked for our requirements and showed us many models, without being pushy at all.  Guess who sold the WC to us in the end?  ;)  We also got a shower head as one in our house was spoilt (we kept most of the bathroom fixtures when we shifted into our flat, and these are probably approaching 10 years!)... and I finally managed to convince the hubby that we did NOT need to get a rainbath (he finally agreed that he could just get a larger shower head, stick it into the holder, and it'll just feel like rain. ;p).

Toilet shopping ended with us trying the fish roe fried rice over at Cafe de Hong Kong (review over here) for dinner... and the hubby wanted soup and just ordered what was recommended by the waitress.  He then got puzzled upon receiving the bill as the soup seemed more expensive than normal, and upon asking, found out that what we just ate was... crocodile meat.  Ergh.  Call me a ninny, but I don't really like having reptiles on my dinner table or in my stomach, thank you very much.  The fried rice was quite yummy though, and the roe pops in your mouth!

Sunday was the usual:

Church in the morning...

Jesus calms the storm: The boy loved this lesson since
they sang "Row your boat", one of his favs,
and everyone got squirted with a spray bottle (to simulate rain)!

... but we popped by Raffles City for abit as the hubby had to get a new phone to replace his old beat up, almost dead handphone (and I had to get some stuff from Papermarket, heehee).  Had lunch over at "Out of the Pan), since it was next to the fountain (which only served to distract Junior J for the first 15 minutes of the meal though)...

Salad and crepes.  Yumyum... though the beef was a tad too salty...

Hubs had a wedding dinner to attend at night... so Junior J went off to my mum's place after dinner to meet his grandaunts... while I stayed home to do the housework.  There's been so much eating out the past few days, so I'm looking forward to eating home-cooked food again (which we did just now... old cucumber soup and steamed fish!).


  1. Aww better luck on the toilet next time. How did the crocodile taste? I heard it resembles chicken hehe. Can't believe they didn't tell you!

  2. Wow, lala mee, crocodile meat soup and fish roe fried rice are new to me. You are pretty adventurous I must say :)



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