Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: Beary good friends, and some good news

Hello hello... I think I should change my "Thankful Tuesday" posts to "Thankful Thursday", since I always end up giving thanks on Thursday!  Blogging this week has taken a backseat since the little boy caught another bug and fell sick again, after recovering from a cold that hit all 3 of us.  He's been feverish since last night, and went off his meals 2 days ago, refusing to eat any solids at all.  :(  I've been up since 3 am sponging to poor fellow, and I'm just thankful that he still wants to drink breastmilk, and is generally still quite cheeful.

Am taking a short break before I continue my chores... so here's my thankful list this week:

:: Rain during this hot hot hot period.  The weather has been crazily hot, so those heavy rains are always welcome.  And they always remind me of God's providence. :)

:: The contractor made a booboo and arranged for the installation of the toilet bowl at the wrong time yesterday, so we had to reschedule it to today.  However, it meant that hubby had time yesterday to finally nail up all the wooden display boxes in Junior J's room, along with a netting shelf for the boy's soft toys.  I'm so glad to have a handyman hubby... :)

The gorgeous banner was a gift from my good friend, Jo...

:: Beary good friends: That follow you when you have to go for your injections, and sit and watch over you while you lunch...

... and help convince little boys that wearing underpants is cool, and running around butt-naked is not!

:: Playdough meals: Lovingly prepared by little hands and pretend fed to you.  Then the meal is recycled: A request is made for a photo to be snapped of the meal, and sent to the papa to be consumed at work.  Talk about efficiency!

:: The good news I was talking about... (Click here to read it!)  I'm still quite in shock... and quite in awe (and perhaps a tad intimidated) that I'm going to be able to scrap with such amazing scrappers.  Me, the blur girl (who orders printer trays thinking they can house toy animals, and uses this pointy thing used to chip at tea cakes as a paper piercer), design for an LSS?  Someone pinch me please!  I'm really looking forward to this stint, and I think it's going to be a great learning process for me... so I'm so so thankful for this opportunity! :)

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. waaahh! congrats Jus!!! so proud of u hahahaa

  2. Wow congrats! Can't wait to see what you end of scrapping...

  3. Congratulation Jus, you and your little boy look great on the Papermarket scrap post!

    A speedy recovery to your boy and all the best!

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  4. running around butt naked certainly is not cool but sounds cute to me...:)) We also had some beautiful showers...:)

  5. congratS! you're amazing! looking forward to see your creations yay

  6. *Pinch* LOL! Congratulations! YOu will be amazing as usual :)

  7. congratulation!!!

    im truly inspired! gotto to dig time to learn scrapbooking...

  8. Welcome to the team Justina! :o) And just wanted to drop by to say that you take wonderful photos and have a great scrapping style! - and I love how you are chronicling your little one's growing up. I love Curious George!

  9. Hey babe! I've decided to pop in here to say... (haha! can't imagine i'm writing this but anyway...) I'm thankful that we are still keeping in touch in our 13th yr!... for my mastitis that has been cleared... for my hubby who makes it a point to return home almost every day not too late to play wi bb... for my bb who seems to be more cooperative than ever and her love for me... and wow! yr photos are really pro now... nice scrap book! I went to Paper Market at PS last month... din know what those intricate paper is meant for.. till I saw your product! Now the pic is clear! Take care...



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