Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday scrapping: Home sweet home

Hello!  Ok, its not Saturday, but I've been invited to guest design over at The Studio Challenges for the month of October, and I'm not allowed to post until the challenge goes live on Sundays.

The challenge this week was to scrap about our home.  I thought it would be a good time to use my 7 Gypsies phototray (which silly me had purchased, thinking it could house Junior J's collection of animal figures, but the tray turned out to be too shallow), as well as a set of measuring spoons that we had received as a token during a wedding that were too pretty to use.

I made a little house using chipboard and patterned paper (the roof was made by layering square scalloped shapes that were trimmed to make the shingles)...

Us, peeking through curtains.  And a whole bunch of flowers!
And I added all sorts of homey details (like curtains, the lamp and chair) and quotes to the tray, and used loads and loads of roses since they were so pretty!

There are 4 measuring spoons in total, with little phrases engraved on them... here are two of them...
That's us, taken for our wedding photoshoot.  We looked so much younger then, haha!
Here's the final thing, with this quote that hangs in my parent's house: "Houses are made of bricks and stones, homes are built on love alone":

Click to view larger! :)
Can you spot the little lock?  Now go hunt for the keys!

Can't find them?  Heee hee, the keys are BEHIND the house!  I didn't want to waste the two compartments behind the "house", so I made pockets to hold the extra sets of room/house keys that we have, as well as matching tags for the keys.  The roof of the house is glued to the tray and I cut up of those free magnets that you get with purchases and used that to ensure the "door" snaps shut when we close it. :)

House keys and room keys, all labelled.
You can see the little magnetic strips at the bottom to close the house properly...

Ok, I used tonnes of stuff to make this tray, so I won't try writing down my supply list... most of the paper was Crate Paper's Restoration, which suited the vintage-y nature of my project!  Mail me if you have questions on the supplies... and if you have time, do take part in the challenge ya?  (Click here to read all about it!)


  1. congrats! and your 1st assignment is fantastic! The 7G tray is so inspiring, im itching to do mine!!!

  2. YOU ROCKED THIS PROJECT JUS!!! WOo...and blind me can't find the lock after searching high and low..still cannot find!!

    You're really awesome man..just started scrapping a few months back and your work is fabulous! WOO!!

    Keep going!!

  3. wow once again blown away!! awesome work jus!!
    love the measuring spoon and flowers inside heehee...

  4. What a beautiful project. I love all of the pretty details.

  5. wow.. this is simply great MamaJ... absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Aw i love your crafting. very creative and the photos are so darling (= Hope you're doing well and your lil guy is being a good toddler for you!

  7. Lovely work!
    Your hair looks different in the wedding photos.

  8. soOooo gorgeous!! ! love all the details... really stunning^^.

  9. Pooi: Do yours, do yours! Would love to see what you'll do with the tray, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!

    Jo: Thanks girl! The lock is tied to the spoon that's sticking out of the cup, in the left-most compartment in the middle row... heehhee. I think you were looking for those metal locks?

    Bing: Thanks! I really loved the heart-shaped spoons... they were too sweet to use for regular baking!

    Cokie Pop Paper Boutique: Thanks! And thanks for popping by!

    Ruth: Thanks dear!

    Lisa: Thanks! Yup we're good, and the boy tries I guess... haha!

    Kira: Thanks! Yupyup, they curled it for the photo-taking, otherwise on a normal day my hair is poker straight. I've considered perming my hair, but I'm too lazy to maintain those curls!

    PC: Thanks! :)

  10. Congrats on being GDT! Such a gorgeous project! Love the photos and all the lovely details and layers!

    P/s: So tempted to get one of these trays now! :)

  11. what you created is absolutly stunning! so gorgeous!! would you do one for me???? :)

  12. Yyam: Thanks! :) Go get one, it was quite fun scrapping the tray!

    Sophie: Thank you! Sure, if you're interested, I'll drop you an email regarding the details?

  13. Hey hey

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. it's nice to come across your blog and to know someone who luv lots of things i luv to do.

    zachary is 22.5 mths old. quite near yours but different year i guess as mine is 2008.

    i luv this printer tray u made; very unique!!

    wld definitely wish to get to know u more in time to come.

  14. Bibimoon: Thanks for visiting! Its really great to "meet" someone so similar in terms of interests, as well as having a toddler boy about the same age! :) Take care!



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