Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Refreshed

Flowers at the zoo, drenched by the rains

The weekend's over and a new week's begun. How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty busy, since the hubby's parents were visiting, but I must say that I came away feeling rather refreshed:

:: We picked up the in-laws on Friday night, and celebrated my MIL's birthday by having a yummy dinner over at Crystal Jade over at the airport...

:: We went to the zoo on Saturday.  It rained cats and dogs on our journey there, but the rain more of less cleared up when we reached the zoo... :)

We were most amused at the little penguins wobbling along, and amazed at how skillfully they swam!

We sat through one of the animal shows.  The sea lion was really intelligent!
However, Junior J started to get really tired and grumpy half-way through, thanks to all the loud music and overstimulation...

Along the way, we spotted a pair of Orang Utans going for a walk!

The boy was tired most of the trip and both grandparents gladly took turns carrying him...
All in all though, he had fun!

:: Headed down to church on Saturday evening.  My MIL very nicely took Junior J to Children's Church, so for once I got to sit in with hubby to listen to the sermon.  I came away from service with lots to think about, and really was glad for the opportunity to learn more about God... while the little boy went off with lots of goodies since they were celebrating Children's Day in class (he cried and looked for me after an hour, otherwise my MIL said he was a good boy!).

:: Had a really really yummy dinner cooked by my MIL at home, and my parents came by to join us... Assam prawns, veggie soup, kailan with loads of fried garlic, roasted pork ribs and curry fish.  Yumyumyum...

:: Sunday morning saw the hubby going off for his triathlon... and we were so proud of him as he managed to finish! YAY!  We didn't manage to go down to support him unlike his previous race, since the race started at the weirdest time (1020 in the morning!), and would mean that hubby would finish smack in the middle of Junior J's lunch time.  I was so glad to see him back safe (was so worried since he got stung by a jellyfish during the last race, and paranoid me had all sorts of visions of him getting stung and going into anaphylactic shock), though forgetful him didn't put sunscreen, so now he's looking funny with odd tan-lines and lobster red patches on his skin!

:: So instead of going to cheer his papa on, the little boy went to the library and supermarket with his grandparents... while I did my housework (fresh clean laundry... yay!).

My in-laws have gone back, so now its back to the usual routine... and I've so gotta catch up on my writing.  Have a great week ahead!


  1. I've been thinking about heading to the zoo one of these days too!!!! =D

  2. :) Do go! Your little girls will enjoy themselves I'm sure!



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