Friday, October 1, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: I haven't forgotten!

Whoops, its the weekend, and I've yet to give thanks!  The boy has been a real sticky monkey the past few days.  He's not been napping well and keeps waking up looking for me, which means I've had no time to do much housework, much less blog or work on my dissertation...  Its been a really tiring week.  Nonetheless, there's lots to be grateful for, so here goes:

:: Flowers.  That remind us of the passing of time, the fragility of life, and the eternal nature of God.

:: Water.  We need it for life: Drinking, washing, cooking and bathing... I'm really glad that we don't need to worry about our water supply over here, and that we can get clean drinkable water straight from the tap!

:: Fantastic DG mates.  Who buy marshmallows for you when you're stressed, and keep the little boy occupied during bible study session by peeling off the stickers off ALL the Ferrero Rocher in a box and giving them to him (which he then was busy sticking them down, and then peeling them off to throw them away)... followed by repeatedly giving him the rolled up choc wrappers to place in the choc box.  We're so blessed to have this group of brothers and sisters! :)

:: A nice time at the lantern festival, and a really nice dinner that night (we ate prawn mantis... really yummy!)...

:: My in-laws, who're visiting over this weekend... the boy was really glad to see his Ah Kong and Ah Ma!

:: The generosity of online scrappy friends (thank you, Dorcas and Gracie!)... and encouraging words from others (Merdrey, thanks!).

:: The otherwise sunshiney cheerfulness of a 20 month old that is so proud that he can wear red underwear like Superman, and accurately point out that "P" is for "Papa!"...

I'm itching to post about my first scrap assignment for my first ever design team, but it'll have to wait til Sunday night when the challenge goes live... meanwhile, have a blessed weekend everyone! :)


  1. hope the little one is feeling better now and good luck and congrats on your first assignment for your DT. Happy scrappy news :)


  2. Dorcas: Thanks!!! :) He seems better these days, and napping better. PHEW!



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