Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week(end) wanderings: Toilet training and tiredness

The week (and weekend) that's passed has been a busy one.  The hubby has been busy training up for his triathlon that's coming up this weekend, and I also decided to start toilet-training the boy since he seemed to have some indicators that he might be ready for it.  The whole process didn't go too well, since the boy kept trying to run away almost every time we brought him to use the potty.  We did manage to score a few "hits", so we just "Yayyyeeed" (something the boy now loves to do) and clapped every time that happened.  He also had all sorts of reactions to wearing underpants... and sometimes refuses to wear them.  Now, he willingly wears them only if I let him choose between two different ones (and thankfully he chooses Tigger some days, and Pooh some days, and sometimes when he's feeling like a superhero, he takes the plain red one).

Just before potty training started on Wed, we brought him to the lantern festival:

The boy got to carry his own lantern (my mum gave him 3 and we opted for the battery operated one lest he set us and himself alight)...

The boy was too distracted by his lantern to look at the camera.  Ah well.
... and generally enjoyed looking at the lights, until he cut his hand.  It was dark, so I didn't notice that he'd cut his hand pretty deeply (and the boy didn't seem to feel it too), and it was only when we went to buy ice-cream from Haato that I saw he had blood all over his T-shirt.  Odd thing was, I was carrying him the whole time, and he hadn't touched anything, so we were puzzled at how he could have cut himself.  Anyway, he only started crying 10 minutes after we found the cut, and had to go home to clean him up.

Junior J enjoying himself, before he got cut!
I wasn't feeling too good across the weekend, and had a tummy upset too, so I ended up staying at home with the boy while hubby went for dinner with our DG on Sat, and hubby brought the boy to church on Sun where he learnt that God made everything:

The kids learnt about the 6 days of creation and got to eat different snacks for each day.
According to the hubby, the boy loved all the snacks, except for the marshmallows.
(Never mind, my boy, mama can eat your marshmallows for you, anyday!)
Aside from that, we managed to:

Celebrate my dad's birthday on Sunday night and feasted on a seafood dinner (erghhh, too much bamboo clams in my case)...

Explore the Bishan Active Park on Monday evening:

Couldn't do much since there was a light drizzle,
but the boy loved turning the wheel...
Catch falling raindrops...

Make oatmeal cookies together...

Baking buddy, at the start, before the mess started...
Make pee puddles everywhere at home (like I said, the toilet-training didn't go too well!)...

And make secret phone calls while looking out for clown loaches in the fish tank.

Hello papa?  I think you need to clean the tank.  Its murky!
I must admit, having to stalk the little boy with the potty and cleaning up all those accidents, plus all the other activities have really made me really tired out, which may explain those headaches I've been getting during the weekend.  I think I'll be taking things more easy this week, plus I'd gotta work more on my dissertation... Nonetheless, have a great week!  (Or what's left of it!)


  1. sounds like a great weekend! too bad about the tummy upset. hope you feel better.

    love all the pictures!!

  2. Wow! Seems like a very busy week and weekend! Very eventful as well! I love the lantern festival by the riverside, looked beautiful. Do take care, rest well and regain your energy level!

  3. Oooh the blood incident would have freaked me out! Not easy being a mum definitely, but gambatte, fellow mummy!!!! =D

  4. Oh yes tell me about it! Toilet training is NEVER easy!..sigh!...which explains why I gave it up so many times. And one day my girl just said I want to use the toilet!...yipppeeee...the same thing happened to my son. Hang in there!..have you tried a reward chart system? anyways you're doing a great job by letting him get used to the underwear and all...keep at it!..how did he cut his hand???

  5. Wow... You're really gung-ho on potty-training with underpants! :p

    How about trying cloth training pants? They are like regular underwear, with more absorbency in the centre. Can catch 1 pee while boy still feels the wetness.

    All the best! :)

  6. Ruth: Thanks! Yup, have recovered! Think it was something I ate. Yikes!

    The Beauties in Our Lives: Thanks... it was busy, but we enjoyed ourselves...

    Klessis: Yup... was rather upset at how he managed to cut himself... thankfully the cut healed very nicely.

    Cynthia: Oh yes, I'm still having pee puddles everywhere! SIGH. I'll probably introduce a chart system soon, thanks for the suggestion! And that's the question we are asking ourselves too... have NO idea how he cut himself, and we were carrying him the whole time!

    MieVee: Haha... actually I wanted to try the diaperless method which I read about, where the kid runs around with nothing on at the bottom! But my mum was horrified, so we stuck to underpants. :)



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