Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday made: Crunchy oatmeal cookies

We baked cookies across the weekend. :)  I decided that I'll try to let the boy help me during the process, but I was rather worried that I'd not be able to manage him AND bake at the same time, so I roped in hubby to help.  Turned out my little baking buddy was eager to help, but ended up flinging alot of cookie dough onto the floor (which of course, made the dog very happy indeed!).

Anyway, the recipe is really really easy to prepare and if you're fast, you can have them cookies ready, piping hot from the oven, in about half an hour!  I liked that the recipe uses whole wheat flour and rolled oats, which are healthier options.

I had wanted to make them in teddy bear shapes in the hope of getting the boy interested, but I think the dough isn't really suitable for cookie cutters, and I spaced them too closely, so they ended up like this:

I put the raisins as eyes, and the hubby said they looked like fat hamsters!
The next time I try this, I'd add more raisins since they really go well with the cookies...
However, they turned out really yummy.  For those who like really crunchy cookies, this is a recipe to try (get it here), and I most certainly would be baking these again soon.  But I'd probably halve the amount of sugar added as I prefer cookies that are not too sweet!

Happy baking!


  1. Great time to spend with family. The best is little one and daddy roped in to participate too:)

  2. Denesa: I agree! But I think the hubby was rather horrified at the boy flinging flour, so I think I'll probably not rope them in for awhile until the boy is slightly older... Hee...

  3. Haha, yes kids love baking! My girl loves it too, but I am often stressed when she bakes with me too! :)



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