Sunday, September 26, 2010

You turned 20 months...

Bao bao, teese?

... and my have you grown, my boy!  You love to run around the house, and love to go out for walks, and would run to get your shoes whenever we ask if you want to "go downstairs".  And then you'd get really upset if we dally and would protest until we take you out of the door.  However, you'd still insist on being carried most of the time when we are out... but you're getting better at walking about (but will still exclaim "hand!" and insist that we hold your hand, not that we mind though!).

Ssshhhoo, sssshhhooo...

You love to play ball, and would happily spend 20 minutes just running around the house (or the street soccer court) with the ball.  Drape a blanket over your playpen and you'll be engrossed in getting the ball onto the blanket... or you'd be really busy playing house!

You still love to read, and would always clamber into our lap when we take a book, exclaiming "lap!", and insisting that our legs must be kept straight like yours.  Its all animals for you, you love to point out animals in every book, and hence you love your "Curious George Feeds the Animals" book, since there's a different creature on every page!  And you make us laugh when we ask you to give us an "angry look", as you'd growl and clench your fist... ;)  You're learning words really fast now, and surprised us the other day when we overheard you singing "ehh-de-dise, eehhh-de-dise"...

Reading with Godma...

Just like mama, you love art.  You'd fill up pieces of paper with blobs of paint, and will go "shhhhhoooo" when you paint streaks of colour across your masterpiece.  Then you'd act horrified at the mess you made and will help to clean up the table at the end of it all (much to mama's relief!).

Mealtimes are still tough-going, but otherwise you're a cheerful little fellow... and we give thanks for all the sunshine and laughter that you bring into our home...

Feeding the dog puffs for tea
Don't grow up too fast, little boy, for we still want to hold your hand still!

Your Mama


  1. 4 months from the big 2! Time flies, I must say.

    Btw, he really has a full head of hair, just like Truett!

  2. Hi MamaJ,

    Have you tried lettin babyJ do some self feeding during meal time? and while he is exploring, you can also do some serious feeding at the same time. ;)

  3. Daphne: Yup, it really flies! Haha, yes, the two of them are alike that way ya?

    Ruth: :)

    Mievee: Thanks! :)

    Levine: Thanks for the suggestion, yup we do that, but usually it'll work for 15 minutes, before the rest of it goes to the dog... but we're still trying!

  4. I love these posts, they are both informative and nostalgic. We know everything about JJ and about all your feelings. It´s so sweet!
    I can´t stop thinking about my little girl now, about all her changes and all the new words she is saying now...
    You are right, time flies!

  5. LOL! Your boy sure growing fast, "like mother like son", he love animals and arts like you do!^-^

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

  6. Kira: Thanks! :) Yes, actually we realized that the posts help us to keep a record of these things, right now we can't really remember his milestones and little quirks if not for this blog!

    Alice: They grow up so fast yah? Have a great day too...



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