Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: 19 months & learning to trust God

Dearest little boy,
You turned 19 months on Tuesday.  On that day, we brought you for your ultrasound scan, since your PD saw you recently and decided that your big belly was a major cause for concern.  You tried to be brave in the scan room and cried a little, and held bearbear as they looked into your tummy, as we sang your favourite songs to you (mama showed you the screen and said she could see pumpkin and oatmeal running around, but she's not a doctor, so don't take her word for it).  The scan confirms that your liver and spleen are enlarged, but also rules out any tumours (ie, there are no monsters in the tummy with the oatmeal), so we have to bring you for blood tests later this afternoon to see what is wrong.  Each night, we pray with and for you and hope that you will be ok, and though admittedly we are worried sick, we are learning to entrust you into God's loving hands.

On a lighter note, you've been learning alot this month.  The jar containing all your "first words" is filling up rapidly, and you've been stringing words together.  You've learnt how to say please ("teeees"), and have figured out that if you add that magic word to your requests, you are more likely to get what you want ("baobao, teees?", combined with the big-eyed, innocent, "please have pity on me" look).  The other phrase you've picked up is "no more" ("momore"), which you're using very frequently ("momore buba", ie bubbles, "momore milk" after you finish your breakfast, and "momore star" when we look at the cloudy night sky).  You love cars and would keep exclaiming "CAR!" everytime we're on the road, and now can point to and name many body parts (ear, nose, eyes, mouth, hair, toes).

Junior J's new house, complete with blanket roof, water supply in a sippy cup,
two phones, a pair of jammies, and a wandering camel (for transport when leaving the house).

You love to play "house" as well as help around the house, and are mama's right hand man.  You help me to carry my shopping basket when we are out, you help me to scan the library books and my ezlink card, and you also help to carry your cup to the kitchen sink.  You love to swirl the laundry when I'm washing the clothes, going "WOOAHHH" when we do it, and love to throw in the wet clothes into the washing machine for a spin.    And best of all, you love to give us little hugs, running at top-speed and crashing into us for a leg-hug, before running off to terrorize the dog again.

Oh, and this month, we give thanks for all the nice uncles and aunties in our DG who've been looking out for you and mama when papa was away, who helped to dog-sit, gave us lifts, supper, offers to help clean and cook as well as constantly kept us in prayer. We really thank God for these wonderful people who've walked alongside us and have seen you grow from a little baby to the cheerful little boy that you are.


We also are thankful for the time we could bring you to the Underwater World last Friday.  You had lots of fun in the first hour looking at all those wonderous creatures that live under the sea... and even got to pat a few stingrays at the touch pool!  You also had a great time scaling lots of stairs and mastered the art of hopping on and off the travelator inside the tunnel.

We want to thank God for keeping us safe, be it overseas, or in Singapore.  Papa was post-call on the day we brought you to the Underwater World, but although he was tired, he wanted to bring you to see all the sharks and turtles (you learnt how to say both words that day too!).  Unfortunately, he fell asleep for a few seconds at the wheel on the way home, and his car swerved and hit the side barrier.  Thankfully, no one was injured (except the car), and we thank God for journey mercies.  However, mama is not going to take any chances, and is never ever going to let papa drive when he is post-call again.  

And of course, little boy, we thank God for the little bundle of sunshine that is you.  All the time.

Your mama.


  1. oh dear MamaJ, what a sweet sweet post. Junior J is in my prayer. God is the healer! Oh and thank God none of you were harmed on the car hit.

    Love and hugs,

  2. The hubby and you are really wonderful parents. Pray hard and Junior J's health will be fine. My well wishes are with you. Stay strong!

  3. Hope that Junior J would be fine. Take care! :)

  4. hope babyJ is alright, keeping him in prayer! yeah, thank goodness no one was injured when the car swerved!! u take care too

  5. Hope the blood test will turn out fine.

  6. Sending best wishes & thoughts & prayers your way!!!

  7. Dear everyone,
    Thank you so so much for the well wishes, your encouragement, and your prayers. We really appreciated them so much!

    The blood test results were ok (as I've updated on the new post)... so we're really relieved, and thank God for taking care of the little boy.

    :) Jus



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