Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend wonderings: God's promises are true

Rainbows: A reminder of God's promises!
Picture taken in South Island, New Zealand
Dearest little boy,
I thought I'd just write today, instead of listing down our usual weekend activities.  The week that has passed was a challenging one, since both you and I fell sick a second time, and Papa was still overseas.  I ended up having to bring you to see the PD on Friday while running a fever myself, and she gave you antibiotics (and you are still giving us a hard time when we try to feed them to you), and suctioned your nose, during which you proceeded to scream the clinic down.  She checked your belly, which has been starting to poke out quite abit (though you still have skinny ribs!), and said that your spleen may be a little big.  That, plus your discomfort from your sinusitis (which makes you wake up at night and cry) makes my heart ache.  I guess every mum knows that achey feeling that comes, when you feel so bad seeing your child in discomfort or pain.  That, to me, is a tiny, blur reflection of how God might have felt to see his Son hanging on the cross, and I give thanks to Him for both the gift of His Son, and for little you.  Meanwhile, we are trying our best to trust that God will take care of you, and hope that the big belly isn't anything serious.

Ah Kong and Ah Ma came on Friday, and you were most happy to see them.  You had a great weekend playing with them, and I think you really light up their life.  They gave you a polar bear bag, among other things, and you really look most funny when you are toddling around with the big white bear stuck behind you!

Papa came back on Sunday night, but you were already asleep.  You've been nodding vigorously throughout the whole week whenever I ask you if you miss your papa, and you were delighted when you woke up on Monday to see the only person in the house that has enough strength to throw you up in the air. :)  Papa's homecoming was a little marred, since he dropped his iPhone in the taxi on the way home from the airport and no news of it has been heard since, and he also could not find the key to his luggage (so mama can't wash all his dirty clothes!).  However, we are thankful that God kept him safe all through the trip, and brought him home to us.  And we are also reminded that we should love people, not  things, and to remember that though bad things may happen, we can always trust that God is always in control.

Right now, you are snuggled up with Papa and fast asleep, and I just wanted to say I love you, once again.  Even though you keep spitting your antibiotics out.

Goodnight and sweet dreams,
Your mama.


  1. I hope your lil one is ok. My son calls his grandma and grandpa ah kong and ahma too. Hang in there mommy (=

  2. Awww mamaJ, what a sweet, touching letter. I'm sorry you both weren't well. I hope days get better for y'all and you both feel better soon. Too bad about papa's phone and the keys.:(

    Will be praying much for you my dear friends... hugs to you and the little one.

    Love and prayers,

  3. Hi! I am Jo's sister and sometimes i hopped over to check out your blog. Lovely post on what you have written to your son. It is sentimental to record everything you want to remember. (:

  4. I just love to read the letters you write to your son. I hope you all feel better now. Did you find the keys to the luggage??? And the iphone???

  5. i love your positive thinking and how you always look into the brighter side of things!
    i love rainbow a lot... and my fav quote, if there's rainbow on the sky, I will make one by myself! here have a great week. and speedy recovery for your little man there :)

  6. Jus,

    Your dad has a metal saw which helped me saw the lock to my luggage before. Hope that helps! =P

  7. Lisa: Yup, he's much better now! Thanks... :) Heeehee, that refers to his paternal grandparents... :)

    Ruth: Thank you so much for the prayers... really appreciate them!

    Jeanette: Hello! Thanks for popping by!

    Kira: Yup, we're both much better... We ended up sawing the lock open, and well, the iPhone's a lost cause I think... Ah well...

    Pooi: Thanks! :) I really love rainbows too, so that makes 2 of us!

    Jessie: Haha, yes, my mum suggested sawing it and reminded us that you all did that the other time! Thanks! All that hard work, just to get out dirty laundry to wash!

  8. Sounds like a tough week for you. Great that your hubby is back, it's good to have papa at home when things are difficult. Hope he's able to get his iPhone back and that your lil boy recovers very soon. Take care! *hugs*

  9. wow it's been hectic! hope bbJ is ok now! it's tough when both u and kid aren't feeling too good, gd to hear ur hub is back and safe! hang in there mamaJ!

  10. Oh Jus, I can understand your difficulty perfectly especially when I have to strive alone for last few years when Hubby was often away. I hope things are getting better for you now. Take care. Stress can make one sick.

  11. Ing: Thanks so much... :) He didn't get his phone back, but oh well, its just a phone I guess...

    Bing: Hey thanks girl! Am hanging in there... :)

    Denesa: I really admire how you managed to cope! Any tips? Thanks, things are better now, but hopefully we find out what's wrong with the boy...



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