Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Not much, but we're ok

Doh!  (The boy can identify middle C on the piano as I stuck a red sticker on the key... )

Sometimes I feel that God gave us children, to teach us how to be better children of His... The twists and turns in the roller coaster ride of parenthood help us to be able to trust in Him more, and to rejoice more in the little things.  There are days when the going gets tough, when I'm tired and the hubs is on call... that God gently reminds me that He is the one that gives me strength, if only I would trust Him.  This week has been a particularly trying one, but I can say God has been always there to pull us through...

Junior J has been more or less sick for the past two weeks since he got his jabs.  Last Wednesday, he suddenly came down with a high fever for three days, but thankfully it went away on Saturday without any medication... however his cough got really bad so we brought him to see our PD this morning.  Am just so relieved that its just viral and he doesn't need antibiotics... however we've been having a really hard time getting him to eat his meds. :(

Since the boy has been unwell, and the hubby had to work on Sunday, we've had a pretty quiet weekend...

... the boy did manage to entertain himself (and us, while he was at it) at home:

Monkeying around in the bath

I don't know why, but he reminds me of Curious George over in this photo...

... and we did manage to deliver a commissioned piece of work I did for a friend on Saturday when Junior J was better...

Ah well.  I just pray and hope the little boy will recover soon, and gain back some appetite since he's almost completely off food the past week... Meanwhile, I guess I have to just keep taking it a step at a time!

P/S: Life just got busier since hubby and I just started our German lessons, in preparation for his job attachment to Germany in 2012.  We attended our first lesson tonight, where I sat through 3 hours and  15 minutes in utter bewilderment!  I've come to the conclusion that hubby is way better at picking up languages than I am, but at least now I can say "Mein Name ist Jus.  Ich komme aus Singapore."!


  1. I´m glad JJ is feeling better. I didn´t know about your german plans. I don´t speak german, but let me know if you need help with russian or spanish. Take care!

  2. That's a brilliant way to teach tot piano! Thanks for sharing!:)

    It takes kids a long time to get rid of cough, normally more than a week... wish he is feeling better by now!

    So, you are going to station in Germany soon? My husband also working in Germany Co, but only once a year he has to go there for training.

    have a nice day Jus!

  3. That boy DOES look like Curious George! :D SO CUTE!!! Huggable! and that commissioned piece looks totally lovely. Show more shots next time!! :)


  4. you'll going to Germany too? My reg, melanie seah also went there. she had a great tutor who used to come to her house to tutor both her and her husband. you might want to consider.


  5. Your boy sure looks adorable in those photos!

    It's always tough and tiring for the parents when kids fall sick. Wishing him a speedy recovery!

    Cool... you're going Germany!?

  6. hi

    your boy is so like mine. always so curious looking and so luv the piano.

    maybe we should arrange for the 2 of us and the 2 little ones to meet up one day over tea.



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