Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful Tuesdays: It's the little things

Hello... I'm almost about to nod off in my chair, so this is gonna be short (which means a medium post by long-winded me).  Am thankful for:

Flowers from my mum.  Long story, but she passed them to me.  And they were too pretty to just warrant a single shot!

:: Flowers, as usual.  They're pretty.  They don't last long, which remind me how transient life is, and how we need to treasure each and everyday, and how God takes care of the flowers, and more so, us. :)

:: A nice afternoon spent with some friends during the public holiday.  Hubs was on call today and I didn't want to bring the boy out yet as his immunity probably isn't too good yet, so it was nice to have people in the house... and even nicer seeing them scrapping away, and being happy with what they came up with (7G tray, layout, room tag and album.  Very productive.  I was too busy to scrap and too busy to take photos!)

:: Junior J being able to hang out with his friend Z today, while his mummy scrapped.  Its nice to see the two of them playing together.  They kept passing sea shells to each other, which was funny.

:: My draft of a section of my dissertation came back from the sup requiring only minor changes.  YAY!

:: A really thoughful and nice bag of goodies from a "penpal".  We got to know each other as we share the same sup... and she's one amazing scrapper, and funny thing is we've never met in person so far!  We will have to arrange for a "blind date" some time I guess!  I must say those goodies made me so inspired to scrap again (after I write my dissertation la)!  Thanks again, Pooi! :)

:: The amazingly cool weather now, with all those thunderstorms.  Enough sunshine in the morning to dry the laundry, then nice cool rain!

:: Junior J's appetite is back to normal.  And he's suddenly obssessed with tomatoes.  The crazy boy eats one full stewed tomato for every meal now... and keeps asking for "tomtoes".

:: My tummy is way better, and I'm no longer crawling around the house, clutching my stomach and a cup of ginger tea.

:: One more thing off my list.  I finished up Agatha Christie's "The Thirteen Problems".  Granted, I've read it before, but it was nice reading some fiction, which I've not done for a long long long time.

Ok, my eyes are going to close now... good night everyone!


  1. beautiful list of thankfulness... Glad your little boy's appetite is back yay!


  2. I share your love of simple things ans happy moments! love to have friends around too! hope your boy feels much better soon! hope you find time for yourself and hope to see more of your scrapbook fabulous creations soon!!

  3. Happy and thankful with you! Your photography is simply gorgeous! Sigh. I need to take my brother's big, and not-cheap camera so I can try it out :)


  4. These flowers are real?! That's very sweet of your mommy!

    Rest well my friends, night night, hehe!

  5. It's wonderful (and so super healthy!) that your boy loves tomatoes and blueberries! With regards to your question about when kids can start eating a full meal other than porridge, I think 2 years old should be it :)



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