Friday, November 19, 2010

Weaning Wednesdays: Two questions

Junior J's appetite is back to normal, and I'm glad that he's been eating well the past few days. :)  He's currently obsessed with tomatoes (he has them almost every meal, where I just chop and pan-fry with a little bit of thyme and basil), mushroom soup (this recipe is great) and... blueberries.  The only problem with blueberries is that they stain his mouth and tongue and teeth:

Goth is in again, and dark lips are the rage!

... and the boy tends to keep the skins in his mouth, and spit them out right at the end.  And if that gets to the clothes, the stains are really tough to remove!  So two questions to parents out there (help me here!):

1. How on earth do you remove those blueberry stains from your kid's clothes?

and a side question that has been bugging me:

2. When did you kids start being able to eat full meals that did not consist of porridge?
(The boy is still having oatmeal porridge with all the works, blended smooth.  Mee sua he will sometimes eat, but only manages a small amount, and he still hates rice porridge.)

Oh, and I know this is totally unrelated, but remember the puzzling wormy at Pankor?  My friend, C (who's so at home in the sea, she could be a mermaid) helped me to identify it as an acorn worm, which can be found on our Singapore shores too...  Those blobby spiral things we saw were the casts, created by the worms "pooping" out the sediments they ingested, after getting out the good stuff.  You can read more about them here, and do take a peek at the pictures, since the site has some amazing (or gross, depending on how you look at it) pictures of the casts that the worms make. :)

However... the hubby still insists that the blobbies were made by his son:

The posing was all hubby's idea.  I had nothing to do with it, and was forced to snap this shot!

Oh well.  Have a great weekend!


  1. 1) remove stain of blueberries .. huh? bleach? we didnt eat much blueberries, as is quite seasonal right, and not easy available...
    2) when comes to full meals, when a kid has almost full set of teeth, is good to start to introduce rice (with gravy or soup) and more stuff like fish, egg etc... to strengthen his jaw/teeth when they chew... and bite! is some kind of exercise, if not.. they become lazy and just quite depend on swallowing... anyway i believe just expose kids with choices and slowly, gradually they will accept it! and phase by phase is different! at one phase my boy liked to eat tomatoes.. .then he changed to carrots... and then now he's quite unhealthy on fried fish! hahahaha

    glad u like the stuff that i passed to u... have a gd weekend!

  2. Remove stain... I have no idea but you can probably google for its solution! Hehe, next time just let him go naked and sexy when offering this stainy fruit to him. ;D

    Both my kids don't like squashy baby food, I started them with Led weaning, in which I allow they to nimble big chunk of food like carrot, broccoli and potatoes. :)

    Ahhh.. another lovely father-son bonding picture, I always fall in love with your photos, so sentimental and warm!

    Have a pleasant weekend!

  3. I'm back from, thanks for the link and all those simple yet appetizing recipe! That's very sweet of you to share the site with us!^-^

  4. My boy hasn't been started on berries food. His usual food stains are gotten rid off by quickly running under water, then washed with Pureen HAD detergent. Review is at

    Or let him wear older clothes when eating blueberries? Then less fussing over stains, just like during craft work. :)

    My boy started rejecting porridge at 12 months old, so he moved on to food like rice and pasta. He loves to feed himself with fingers and fork too. More fun, probably.

  5. I keep a few old stained but clean shirts for blueberry/watermelon eating. When I give the kids ice cream or anything super messy /stains, they eat without their clothes and just a bib. Saves me from trying to get stains out of their clothes. White vinegar works for most stains, soak the stain in the vinegar, rinse with hot water.

    As for eating full meals, Max does some days and other days he just nibbles at stuff. I just keep offering him different types of food with the hope that he'll get better with his eating.

  6. I started introducing coarser textures and lumps in brown rice porridge when my boys were 10 months old. Bits of fish and soft chunks of vegetables or chicken and beancurd etc.. Gradually thicken the porridge and by 15 months or so, they enjoyed mouthfuls of brown rice with soft vegetables/meat.



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