Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Playdate and painting

The two kids having fun on the swing. :)  Really wished we had brought the camera!

The weekend was rather uneventful as the hubby was on call on Saturday.  However, we did manage to squeeze in a lunch cum "playdate" for Junior J, with his Sunday School classmate, S and her parents after church.  Had lunch at Holland V, and the two kids more or less managed to entertain each other and finished their meals, and sat through a Curious George story (read by the hubby) at the end of the meal.  We wanted to eat ice cream, but the Daily Scoop was closed, so the kids ended up sitting on a nearby swing for a bit before we parted ways.  Was really nice to see the two little fellows playing... with little S running around the table while the boy tried to find her and point her out.  He did hit her table a couple of times though, and all attempts to make him apologize failed, as everytime we told him to say "Sorry!", little S would quip "SORRY!" before he could utter a word!  ;)

Aftermath of hand-printing.  Initially the boy was alarmed at getting paint on his hands,
but once he got started he couldn't stop!

PS: I've updated the "Art Adventures" page since we've doing more painting.  We've tried painting with leaves (one more thing off the list!), printing with hands, and have taken out the Tadoodles to play with again!  Pictures over here.


  1. I love the photography here and the kids are just so precious!

    Anyway, I was just coming by to say hello cuz I havent seen you over at Sofia's Ideas in a really long time. I hope you'll come back over and stay for a bit too! :)

  2. Hey Jus, thanks for popping by my site. Yours is such a pretty one with gorgeous photos! I hope to come by often :)

  3. J looks so happy painting! Messy though. Haha. I saw your lovely christmas tags at papermarket! :D Love them. Thanks for the papers you gave Jo to give me. I love them. :D Have an awesome Wednesday!

  4. Little S is a sweet girl! Gonna check out your new site! Have a nice day!

  5. Only 1 post for Junior's Art Adventures? Those are nice sketch of art, it's always good to inculcate art in such tender age!

  6. So cute! Children just love to create a mess more than actually coming out with a decent piece of artwork! Haha, but that's the fun of it all.. =)

  7. I like the photo of the 2 kids... they look so happy! Enjoyed reading your 'Art Adventures' page too... do post more. :)

  8. hey, been wanting to let my boy try on these art adventures for a long long time. been only letting him use color pencil and crayons all these while. u really inspired me to do more for him.



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