Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hong Kong through a toddler's eyes...

"Hold yellow..."

ARGH!  Its been busy busy busy as the hubby had to attend a course in Hong Kong last week and "dragged" us along with him (I say "dragged" since initially I was reluctant to go, since I'm not much of the shopping type and hate crowds.  Give me small country towns with shops that close at 5 pm anyday!)... then my sup was asking for my drafts, and my scrap assignment was due so I've been rushing out all my "work".  I've managed to finish another part of my draft, so I thought I'd just take a short break and update this poor dead blog...

Anyway, we flew over to Hong Kong for 4 days, and the hubby attended a full-day course while I wandered around Shatin with Junior J on Day 2.  Managed to walk (and half- carry) with the little fellow to a nearby (ok, it took almost 30 minutes to get there!) mall (New Town Plaza) and survived feeding him lunch on my own (ended up eating pizza since it had space, and high chairs).  For the rest of the trip, the pollution, and cold, dry air gave the little boy a cough, so he proceeded to puke up one meal a day.  All the shopping places were packed to the brim (Tsim Sha Tsui was as usual, crazily crowded.  New Town Plaza was so full, every single toilet I visited had a queue about 20 females long!)

And we spent most of the time standing in the MTR carrying the boy, and almost got fined for mistakenly sitting in the 1st class carriage once...

We thought that our Octopus cards were "validated".  Turns out they weren't!

Ok, again, rather than blabber (and whine) on, here are the pictures, and Junior J's interpretation of the place:

Day 1: Just me and Mama 
(New Town Plaza, lunch at Shakey's Pizza, with round 2 at night with Papa for dinner at Maxim's)

Ummm, pau!  Breakfast in bed, as there was no suitable chair to feed the boy in the morning.
The hubby would go out to buy dim sum and yummies for us. :)

Mau-terns!: We can see the distant moutains from our room... (PS: Am very happy with the LX5 camera!)

Snoopy DOG!  (Straight out of the iPhone. :)

Bread, bread: He threw up at lunch, so we went to the bakery and he chose some bread.

Day 2: Trains and tomatoes
(Tai Po Market, Railway Museum and Tsim Sha Tsui)

AHHH!: Latest interest for Junior J is to examine the food in his mouth, and how it disappears after he swallows...

Hold bear bear...


Mama, wear mask: We tried to make the boy wear a mask since he was coughing, so I had to wear one too to set a good example...


Walk, walk...

The best meal we had in Hong Kong: Simple wanton noodles... and honey pomelo drink.
The best food in life, we find, doesn't have to be expensive.  :)  The boy had a good time eating his way through a HUGE apple we bought at the market too!

TOMTO!  (His current fav food)




BOAT!  We had dinner at BLT Steak, since most places were packed.  Won't recommend it though...
Bought toys for the boy and it was back to the hotel...

Day 3 (New Town Plaza again... & FLY!)

Hi Papa!  (And a mouth full of tomato)

Rice pizza... :)

"Errr phones": The boy was most taken with the orange earphones.
However, the flight back was tough, as he was tired and cranky... 

All in all we did enjoy the trip, despite the massive over-crowding we encountered everywhere.  We didn't do much shopping thanks to the crowds, but we did get some CDs for ourselves (we finally found a complete collection of Rach's symphonies!), and toys for the boy (he got the most stuff, as usual, and I managed to find more blue "unnerpants" for him too!).

So now, tell me, what are your recommendations for must-dos or must-eats over in HK?  Would love to know where are the nice places that everyone raves about! :)


  1. BOAT! <<< This pic is heart-breaking!

    Everyone is not the same. You have the simple fun out there not doing much shopping!

    Anyway, it is hard to shop with tot. We never shop much with Yvette when we were there when she was 18mths!

  2. Those are beautiful photos! Kudos to mummy who can take care of a little one and still retain her fantastic eye for beauty in the little things! Enjoy!

  3. great photos! so cute for him to be fascinated with his food 'disappearing' haha! glad u had fun, i heard so much about the pollution i'm scared to go!

    jia you for dissertation, LAST LAP!!! CHIONG!
    (sooo not looking forward to when i have to chiong mine arrgghh, nvm shall leave it for another day *OM*)

  4. one major gripe i have about HK is that no one gives you a seat on the MTR even when you're struggling with a kid. i thought singapore was bad but HK is worse. love all your pics!

  5. amazing pictures! love it!!! esp the one with mountains as background.

    crowded?... i'll probably will skip HK until my kids are older... :D

  6. Great shots as usual:)

    Holiday is always a great breakaway from routines.

  7. i love your blog and all your photos! really nice shots :)



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