Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giveaway! :)

As promised, today is giveaway day!  I've really been blessed by the generousity of others when it comes to scrapbooking.  My good pal Joanna has always bestowed scrappy stuff to me, and she's been always willing to share her tips, and answer any silly scrap questions that I have (Thanks, girl)... and I've also met so many other people who've encouraged me along, through their gifts, encouragement, or comments on the blog... Thank you!  Also, I've have been fortunate enough to have won scrappy stuff through giveaways as well as challenges, so I think now its time for me to give back a little, especially since its now the season of giving!

Here's what's up for grabs:

Happy happy colours: Patterned papers, stickers, thickers, flowers and buttons... and ribbons!

And in case you're not a colourful scrapper... then there's:

Vintagey stuff: Doillies, twine, buttons, bits and bobs and a Prima stamp!

To enter, you just need to leave me a comment and tell me what are your favourite Christmas traditions... or if you don't have any, just let us know what you'll be doing this Christmas day!  Also, let me know if you prefer the colourful or vintage set, since if there's more entries I'll pick two winners, one for each set. :)

Want more chances?  Just click "Follow" at the sidebar, and leave an additional entry to let me know... or if you're already following this blog, leave that extra comment to remind me!

I'll pick a winner next Monday, 27th Dec! :)


  1. We'll usually do a gift exchange on the strike of midnite on xmas eve, after wishing everyone Merry Xmas!! It's always fun when we are doing the gift exchange as you'll never know wat you'll be getting from your loved ones.. =)

  2. Ops! Sorry! I had forgotten to mention in my earlier comments tat i would love the colorful ones as i'm more into color kind of person! =) I'm your followers as well! Great layouts that you had! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hehe... we want the colourful set!;p

    We'll be going for a scrumptious X'mas buffet dinner, then we will probably driving around the town to get the kids to witness some Christmas light and decoration!^-^

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

  4. Already following you! Cheers!;D

  5. Hey gal! Thanks for bringing joy and cheer on a gloomy day as I'm still sniffing away and coughing.

    On this special Christmas day, besides the usual gatherings, am gonna reflect on 2010 and set a few simple goals for 2011.

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)
    I want the vintagey set!
    Pick me pick me pick me! haha..

    -the nose-leaking gal-

  6. Christmas is usually spent having a family gathering - lots of laughter, boisterous and yumm food. Let's not forget some feel good Christmas movie on TV.

    Love cheerful colours on my projects! Thank you & Merry Christmas. :)

  7. having lotsa gifts under the X'mas tree! Value not very important, joy is in the opening of the presents. Kids gets 2 or more presents!

    I'm a recent follower and really love to have the colourful scraps!
    Tks for the wonderful giveaway!

    Never been lucky in giveaways, hope i'll get my x'mas wish come true!!

  8. love your scraps.

    merry christmas and a happy new year.

  9. Hey J,
    Love the recent scrap you did for pm giveaway. so inspiring. anyway christmas is always spend this way..
    on christmas eve, there is night mass and then we head on home and have bread and wine. On the strike of midnight we open all the presents under our christmas tree. =) i like the vintage set. I think im liking more and more brown effects due to your oh so beautiful layouts! merry merry christmas! =)

  10. Hey hey! I like the Vintage Set! ;)

    I usually stayed at home during Xmas to avoid the crowds... ;)

  11. A Christmas tradition that we have every year as a family is the making and giving of hand-and-homemade Christmas Cards to all who have been a blessing to us in the years past, with a personal message in each of them! And every year our cards production gets bigger as we meet more and more people who touch our lives! I do the art work whilst hubby writes the messages, that's how we spend our nights before Christmas - thinking of our loved ones and counting our blessings in each of them.

    I love the colourful set!:)

  12. i have been a silent follower of ur blog actually...but your giveaway is just oh-too-tempting hehe! :)

  13. Having Christmas day buffet with my whole extended family. 50+ of us enjoying great food and each other's company. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain . . .

  14. We will usually keep our presents and only unwrap them on xmas day.

  15. Hi MamaJ! One of my favourite christmas traditions is my whole family gathering round the tree on christmas morning, opening all our presents. i've done this every year since i can remember and since i got married and moved out, i've always carted all our presents over to my parents' for the exchange and opening with my parents and siblings. i blogged about it last year <a href=">here</a>. then after that, we all go for christmas service together. on normal sundays we attend different churches so it's nice to attend service as a family again.

    (this is a cool giveaway btw, and i'd love the colourful set, not for me, but for my friend since i'm an awful scrapper :) but mostly, i just wanted to share. merry christmas!)

  16. Hihi! Hope I am still in time to drop a comment! Never really celebrated Christmas before I got married since I am the only Christian in the family. Spent it mostly at church service on Christmas morning. That was it. Well, after getting married and having a baby, hubby and I have started a simple tradition of a cosy family dinner of roasts and logcake on Christmas eve. Doggy gets a nice biscuit too. After that, it's a quiet evening of being thankful for what God has blessed us with! Really hope can win the vintage set :)

  17. hope im not too late for this...

    Christmas is usually a wonderful family day for us, be it at home or outing:).

  18. Whoops, am I too late? :) I love little giveaways like yours MamaJ. And I LOVE your little boy, the cutie! :) Well, this Christmas we had a happy little time with grandma, and our family... sweet times, blessings... and so thankful for all the rich goodness of God.

    Well, you know I fall for anything vintage :) That second set looks heavenly! Thank you for sharing!




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