Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remembering all that little learning

I'm back to ramble about the LO I did for our creative team assignment that's on the Papermarket blog right now... :)  (Sorry to all non-scrapbooking folks, I'll be back to my usual other ramblings soon!)  Its all about the little boy learning his letters, words and numbers:

My task was to use tonnes of stickers.  Initially I thought of a bright, happy zoo-themed layout, but I spotted the Tim Holtz Salvage stickers and decided they suited my style better heh...

I used a Tim Holtz Type Charm too... and letter "H" was chosen since its one alphabet the boy refuses to get right.
He always says "CHAIR!" when he sees that letter.  I guess it does look like a chair, oh well...
The frame was made by rolling up pages torn from an extra copy of "The Secret Garden"... Sorry Ms Burnett! :p

For the background, I used kraft cardstock (I really love that stuff!), and then scattered Tim Holtz stencils all over the page, and inked the letters using distress ink.  Then I re-scattered the stencils and sprayed loads of red glimmer mist... so by the time I was done cleaning up it looked like I had a massive nose-bleed or something!

So there's no journalling, but every visible alphabet/picture has a significance for the boy, at 22 months:

:: Numbers ranging from 1 to 10: Can you spot them all?  The boy can recognize them all but always gets 6 and 9 mixed up.

:: License plates: We always try to identify the alphabets and numbers on cars when we go for our morning walks...

:: Apple, airplane, dog and bearbear: These are some of his most favoured words, and "dog" was one of the first things he ever said! :)

:: Pig: He loves to try to make the snorting sound when he sees pigs in picture books...

:: Grape (on the bottlecap sticker): He loves eating grapes and will ask for "gapes"... and also loves the videos about the duck that was obsessed with grapes on Youtube (have you seen those?  They're pretty funny!)

Yup, so that's the boy, at 22 months... I realized I missed that monthly milestone post, so I guess I'll have to post double when he reaches 23 months!

PS: Still a few more days of great deals at Papermarket ya, so do pop by the blog to check it out! :)

PPS: I've packed all the giveaway goodies, and will be posting the details tomorrow! :)


  1. Great layout babe! You're an awesome scrapper and your style is emerging already! whoo!!!

    I can't believe it's less than a year since you started and you're already producing such fabulous work!

    Way to go!!

  2. this is such an amazing layout!! what a talented scrapper you are! all the embellishments and the fact that they all mean something are fabulous!

  3. That looks absolutely amazing Jus. You are awesome!

  4. LOL, animals lover's gene probably inherited from dearest mama!;D

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

  5. hey, love this LO alot. am a tim holtz's fan too. yup, we should catch up one days with our boys. porbably after all the festive seasons. busy busy with cooking and baking recently.
    merry xmas and happy new year to u babe!



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