Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Just daily details

I realise that most of the stuff that makes life great aren't the big things, but the little minute details... so this week, we are thankful for:

:: God's everlasting love, that never changes.  (Ok, this isn't minute... but BIG I guess!)

:: A talkative toddler who generally is happy, cheeky and cheerful! (He does have some terrible tantrums, but these come fast, and furious but pass pretty quickly too.)

:: A toilet-trained little boy that more or less is co-operative about going to the loo.  He does have periods of trying to run away after telling you he needs to "sheeshee" though.  And is now not so particular about the colour of his "unnerpans" (my mum managed to convince him to wear the yellow and grey ones, finally!).

:: Fishy friends that let you name them, and entertain you during meals...

The boy has named the two discus "Dohmeme" and "Croco", and likes to go to the tank to say hi to them...

:: The deliciously cold weather that's been happening for the past two months, and fuzzy slippers that keep your toes toasty...

Huge mushroomy slippers... from my ex-students!

:: A helpful hubby who diligently vacuums the house and lends me a hand whenever he can...

:: Little helpful hands at home that help to bring dirty plates to the kitchen, and cooks fried bread for you (he is over generous with his salt and pepper though!)... and loves "clean-up time" where he keeps all his toys...

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Lovely post! Your aquarium looks beautiful, and I love the wooden breakfast set - simply gorgeous! Like you, I am luxuriating in the cool windy weather that had descended on us these 2 months, and hoping that it will last for the whole year.
    PS: Your mushroom bedroom slippers are so cute!

  2. Am also enjoying the cool weather and showcasing all my long sleeve shirts at work- the only time they probably see daylight! hahaha..

  3. thank you for sharing your word on my blog!! it is a great one ! and you seem to be "savouring" life's small but very imortant pleasures!! I love your monday made post!! so creative!!
    have a great week !!

  4. So nice of your hubby, so this coming Valentine don't forget to give him a surprise ya!^-^/

    Have a beautiful day!
    p/s: Always love your fine quality pictures!

  5. Wat a nice aquarium and great blog u have here.

    Just dropping by and I am thankful to God for a great family :)

  6. What a sweetie, sweet post Jus! I love your boy too much :) He's so very cute.. haha about the toilet training.. :) And I have to say, this week (most of the time too!) I'm thankful for God's goodness and mercy to me, my loving parents, happy family, and sweet bloggy friends like you! :) Many hugs!

  7. Haha...I had a fun time toilet-training my nephews too...Now I make the oldest bring his brother to the toilet...occasionally, there will be.."Gugu...there was an accident..." lol

    I'm thankful for life. That everyday is a new beginning and another opportunity to make it even better than yesterday! :)

    P/s: Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Thanks everyone for sharing their blessings! :) It was nice reading through them... :) And thank you for the compliments about the aquarium, actually it's overgrown and over-run with algae, but we're working on it!

  9. little J looks so overjoyed to be cooking! hee hee... where did you get those fruits and kitcheny stuff from? they're v cool. would love to get for my boy when he's a bit older... :)

  10. Dotz: He does love it, and potters around the house carrying plates and drops his play food all over...

    For the fruits/play food, they are the Plan Toys brand, which we "helped" to purchase as gifts from the boy's grandparents, at The Better Toy Store in Ngee Ann City during their Christmas sale. We find its a tad expensive (wait for sales), but its really more hard-wearing since the paint doesn't wear off and the food doesn't get dented unlike the plastic versions... thought if we ever have more kids, it'll be worth the money! :p

    For the pots and pans, they are actually real pots from Daiso, I just bought the smallest ones that I could find! Cups/plates we got from Ikea/Toyogo. Hope this helps!



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