Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday made: Many things

Easiest way to hold paper flowers together while waiting for the glue to dry!

HELLO!  Forgive me for sounding very excited, or typing lots of exclamation marks for this post, because I'm in an extremely good mood today for a certain reason (which I will mention later!).  Anyway, the weekend was spent completing various projects...

My three assignments for Papermarket (its up on their blog today, yay!) for V'day:

:: An altered "love handles" suitcase:

With many of my favourite things: Butterflies, twine, torn paper, inky edges, rolled up papers and folded flowers...

I was inspired by a suitcase done by Sharon and also covered mine with papers (as usual, from "The Secret Garden", which is now my "stock" book for old papers) and paint (gesso to be exact).  Can you guess the original colour of the suitcase? :)

The front of the suitcase:

"Raindrops on roses... lalalala... these are a few of my favourite things!"
I spent a whole afternoon thinking up corny love quotes (ask the hubby, he was so aghast at some of them)
before settling for the lyrics of the song from The Sound of Music.
Can you spot the raindrops?  Ok, those are flowers, not roses, but close enough right?  

And the back has an extra pocket for those extras that you want to keep handy, like pinwheels to catch the wind, tickets to share with your loved ones, and perhaps some love letters? :)

Papers from Pink Paislee's Sweetness collection.  The pretty lettering are Papermarket's Alphabites!

:: Then we also had to do an LO, and I did one about the boy and the dog 
(I was missing Nicky really badly):

Doggy tag was a Type Charm from Tim Holtz... :)

Papers are a mix of Pink Paislee's Sweetness, Bo Bunny's Olivia, and Basic Grey's Curio.
And of course, more yummy Alphabites!  And Junior J gets to hold the doggy's leash!

:: And finally, a card, using some papers left after doing the suitcase:

Stamps from S.E.I, and I like the Webster Pages resin hearts!

Materials from Papermarket ya, and do pop by to take get more inspiration from the other designers as they'll be posting up love projects everyday!

:: Oh, and then I dressed up a jar of coffee for my sup, as a thank you present:

AC details crabby to top the jar.  When I saw all the details that AC very nicely sent me the other time,
I knew the crabby would have to be saved for my sup (her speciality is on crabs!).  

"Coffee keeps me from being crabby": I think she got the joke.  I hope so!

:: Ah, and the final "project" I completed was a non-scrappy one 
(I did think of distressing the pages, and adding stickers in the hope of getting a pass, but anyway...):

The THING (a.k.a dissertation) is done!  YAY!  That's what has been making me so happy, since this frees up all my time (or at least Junior J's nap time) for other things, like planning lessons for the boy and other stuff.  Finished the final "touch-ups" on Sat, and printed and got it bound on Sun, with hubby's help.  He was a great help, baby-sitting the boy for the weekend so I could frantically finish up everything.  (Thanks dear, once again!)  Met up with my sup yesterday to submit it, got to meet up with a scrappy friend, and also had Sakae Sushi with my dad for lunch on campus... which makes a great start to the week (after all those almost-sleepless nights!)... Thank God for all His many blessings! :)

Have a great week!


  1. Congrats! I can so understand your happiness.. Am in the midst of finishing up my thesis too.. Wish me luck :))

  2. Oh eeek! of course the card is my favorite! soft and romantic... it's lovely, whether made of scraps or not... and yeah, you were perfectly right about the doily!! How could I miss linking up to you... forgetful me. I will do it the next time the doilies appear! :)

  3. Congratulations! What an accomplishment ( I refer to the THING ). You must be so relieved! :)

  4. Pop the champagne, Jus!! WHOOOOO!O!O!O!!!! I'm so happy for u that it's all over. Any thoughts on going back to teach? hahahah... :)

  5. Yay! Good job!!! That's a lot of stuff finished! :)

  6. love all your scrappy projects! esp the suitcase (:

  7. These are awesome projects! Love your suitcase! :)

    Congrats on the completion of your thesis! :)

  8. All your projects are awesome! woohoo!! :)
    Jus, come back to teach!! ;)

  9. Thanks everyone! :) Am really relieved about the THING. Madeline, all the best!

    E: I don't think I'll be going back, since there's no one to take care of the little boy!

  10. Love your Layout! especially the string linking to the dog! great idea :) oh and of cos the suitcase is pure lovely!

  11. Jan: Thanks! :) Loved your take on the projects too! Pink and pretty!

  12. It's so beautifully made! Love it!



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