Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Almost two!

The pic's a little blur, but I love it as it captures his cheerful grin. :)  He loves those Sunday school songs!

Dearest little boy,
You are going to turn two soon!  The past few months have been pretty eventful.  You spent the weeks leading up to you turning 22 months travelling with us... to Hong Kong:

You had to wear your little mask, but your cough did bother you here and there.
You loved the mountains and you still remember seeing Snoopy!

and to Pangkor and Penang:

You loved this trip, and had so much fun at the beach, and picked a full bucket of shells with Ah Kong & Ah Ma!

Unfortunately, you were sick a few time during that period... and one bug was so bad it landed you in hospital and you had to be hooked on the drip.  Yet through all this, we are reminded that God takes care of you and of us, and we are just glad that you are now more or less ok, and have finally put on weight (and finally hit 10 kg!).

And now you've hit 23 months, and are hurtling towards being two!  You still love to do artwork, and the longest you've sat in your chair to paste and colour stuff was 45 minutes!

You've progressed to filling up the entire drawing block with paint... and experimenting with different brushstrokes. :)

We've also given you an art journal, and you love to doodle and craft in it.  You love pasting the fruit and veggie stickers inside, and identifying each one of them!

We still have to remind you to use "three fingers" (tripod grip) when you draw.
And you've started drawing circles and lines (which you say is rain!).

Looking through that journal makes me smile:

We've named the 3 clown loaches in the tank "Peter", "Patty" and "Doogo", the third of which was chosen by you.
You liked doodling in blue around the fish, and say its water. :)

You've also started imaginative play:

Mr Man and his friend, driving their orange crop around in their jeep.

We converted one shelf of the TV cabinet into Mr Man's house, and his jeep is conveniently parked under it.
You let him sit at the table to eat, and also let him sleep on the "bed" on the right!
Somedays, Mr Man has lunch with you and you feed him corn (by sticking his head into your bowl). :)
Mr Man also owns a pet dog, called "Snoopy" (as named by you), and a lion, and we built houses for them.
Once, you wore one sandal, and tried to open the door to bring Snoopy out for a walk!  

You sometimes like to pretend that you're a superhero too, all decked out to save the world:

But superheroes sometimes do fall sick.  We've been noticing more wheezing attacks this month, and had to bring you to KKH recently, where they gave you the puff along with the spacer to help your lungs.  You are rather scared of using it, but we've been telling you its your trumpet (after showing you a trumpet-player on YouTube), and you bravely try to use it, while echoing us in between and saying "no more cough!".

Bear-bear has a cough like yours, and you make him better by letting him have a puff too:

You've started to really care for your bear-bear.  Not only do you administer the puff, you also pat the bear and kiss him good-night, and just yesterday, you picked him up, rocked him and sang "Rockabye baby" to him!

You also read to bear-bear, and excitedly show him pictures of prairie dogs "fightin!".

In between the coughing and wheezing episodes, you are a regular chatterbox at home.  You sing to yourself, and we've been making up songs, like the breakfast song ("I eat my cornflakes everyday... so I can grow up big and STRONG!").  Sometimes you mix up lyrics into your own songs, like your mushroom song (that goes "mushroom there, mushroom there, mushroom there and everywhere... up above the world so high"!).  You love identifying your toy animals (you step on the cockroach though, as taught by Porpor), and three-word sentences are now the norm.  The first three-word phrase was uttered in KKH when you were warded: "Juju wants Mama", and now you say things like "Papa sits there, Mama sits there, Juju sits there, everyone sits gather (together)!  Four-word phrases are popping up too, like "two blue cars there!".  You are turning into a regular birder, and Papa (who's bird-crazy) is so proud that you can identify pigeons (piggin!), mynahs, starlings, crows and egrets!

You take delight in accomplishing little tasks, and are most happy when you successfully hang up your clothes:

You've learnt to hang up your shirt and your pants by hooking them at the "neck-hooo" and "elassick". :)
Any exposed part of the body is termed "nick-ked" by you!

You are still a helpful little fellow at home, and my heart bursts with pride when I see this:

And you also help Mama to carry the piles of folded clothes to their correct locations for storage:

One hand on top, one hand below: To your cupboard they go!

Each day, you bring rays of sunshine into our life.  We thank God each and everyday for you!


  1. motherhood is definitely blissful :) enjoy, Justina!

  2. My heart smiled when I read this entry! More time for Jude now that dissertation is submitted, YAY! :)

  3. it piece of notes warms my heart very much. he is indeed an angel to you! not forgetting, you are doing such an awesome job on him.

    sincerely hope that the episode of coughing and wheezing ends very soon!

    happy and bravo to his marching toward 2^^.

    p/s: loVe very much on the picture of his reading to bear-bear.

  4. Oh your boy is adorable! :) Love that he expresses himself through art too! :)

  5. What a delightful, sweet little curious George you have... my heart is taken with him... I have to see him one day in person =) ... such sweet thoughts from his mama too. Happy-soon-to-be-birthday little boy!

    "Aunt" Vio ;)

  6. Must have been scary when he was sick in a hospital overseas. Thank goodness he's all better and being such a good momma's helper.

  7. This is such a sweet note for your little one:)

    Hope your boy is feeling better now.

  8. Your little angel is developing very well, I'm proud of him too! Kudos to mommy!

  9. Its an awesome journey so far, isnt it? i exceptionally love the picture of how they are both dusting the floor together! You should scrap about it! it is amazing to see how J is growing up to be such an amazing boy. Have a great week ahead ! :D

  10. Thanks peeps! Its really been a journey for both me and hubby, being parents and seeing the fellow grow up. Not easy at all, but we are enjoying it!



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