Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Be thankful always

Have been feeling pretty tired the past week, especially with the dissertation to finish on top of other stuff to do.  And I think I'm coming down with a flu... but whatever the case, there are things to be thankful for:

:: God's Word that gives encouragement and teaches us about Him.  Everytime I open the Bible there seems to be some reminder or encouragement, or something new to learn. :)

:: Clouds in the sky.  That bring rain.  That come in funny shapes, like this bunch we spotted just yesterday...

:: Helping hands, both large and small: The hubby who faithfully does the dishes every time.  My mum who has been baby-sitting the past few days so that I can get my writing done.  And the little boy who insists on helping to sweep the floor, and does it quite throughly too!

I remove 2 sections of the "pole" to make it shorter and easier to manage for him.

:: While meals aren't exactly a breeze now, the boy seems to be eating better.  I've been trying different dishes using recommendations and recipe books, and I think he's been liking the variety. :)

:: The funny things kids do/say: The boy never fails to make me laugh.  Like giving me kisses and declaring "Mama happy!".  And the other day, when I was busy preparing breakfast, I gave him a book and asked him to look for the bear (there was no bear, but I was just trying to buy time).  There was alot of "Mama?  Mama, no bear no bear!"... followed by a "AHHHH!  I found it!  Mama, bear in book!"  And I returned to the room to see this:

What are you thankful for today?  Do share! :)


  1. I am thankful for the grace that is shown upon me each day. Which without it, i wont know how i will survive the hard days in school. You should know that.

    It is great reading this post. God is in control. (:

  2. J's bear story is so funny :)
    Btw. I find taking a tablespoon of manuka honey (umf 10+ or more) helps my flu. Hope you recover soon!

  3. keke junior J is so cute and pretty smart to think of that! :)

  4. J's a great problem solver :) Highly creative!!

    I'm thankful for so many things today as I read your post my dear. I shall list 3:
    For a wonderful husband who loves, cares and prays for me,
    For parents to count on and who are the best babysitters I could ask for,
    For the irreplacable gift of Bubbles.

  5. your Junior J is super cute!!

    I'm your Sec 2 Science(bio) student, Kuek Xiu Hao. Hope you still rmb me. :)

  6. I am thankful for everyday when my family stay healthy and cheerful (although it can be noisy din at times) haha

  7. My goodness! My nephew can be a Consultant!! Talk about thinking outside the box at the age of 2! Sigh..... the making of a super duper cheeky monkey!! =)

  8. Thanks everyone for sharing. :)

    Jeanette: Yes, I know what it means... teaching really is tough! Hang in there, we'll keep you in prayer!

    CE: Thanks for the reminder! I had that bottle of manuka in the fridge, went and kept making hot drinks, I think its helping!

    Xiu Hao: Thanks for dropping by... Yes, of course I still remember you! Hope you've been good?

    Jess: Haha, we'll see what he wants to be next time I guess! :)

  9. Hi,
    Just a gentle reminder regarding manuka honey. Tried to use warm water instead of hot water as it'll destroy some of it's anti-bacteria element.

  10. Hey CE, thanks again! Yes, I've been putting the manuka in warm water... :) Thanks for the reminder! Its been helping lots!



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