Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend wanderings: On the sea and in the air

Hubby was post-call on Thursday, and we brought Junior J to see the Russian frigate, Pallada, which was docked at Vivocity.  Met little S and her mummy at Vivo and the two kids had some fun exploring the ship (but they were rather afraid of the sailors, probably because they were "foreign-looking").

There were ropes everywhere...

... and more ropes...

... and as we didn't ask any of the sailors to show us around, we really had no idea what were all the ropes and gear used for.  But the 2 kids got to turn the wooden ship's wheel, kept saluting and saying "ayeaye!", and also played peekaboo with the flags hanging around the sides of the railings.  It was really hot, so we ended up walking around inside Vivocity and had lunch there in the end.

Over the weekend we also managed to try some kite-flying at Upper Peirce.  The weather wasn't too good, and it was drizzling over at our side, but the rain held when we reached the reservoir.  And I had dragged along the dSLR, only to find that it was out of battery, even before I had taken a single shot!  So all these grainy pics were shot using my phone...

Anyway, the wind wasn't in our favour, and came in fits and starts, so this was probably the highest we managed to get the kite in the air:

The boy tried to help us fly the kite too, but spent most of his time getting tangled in the kite string:

All in all, the kite spent most of its time on the ground.  But it was still a nice trip to the park. :)  (Some monkeys jumped on the branches above our heads, thereby splattering some rain water on us.  The hubby told the boy the monkey peed on his head, and the boy went home saying "monkey peepee on head!"... haha...)

We also managed to go swimming on Sunday at the hubby's friend's place.  Hubby played squash and Junior J splashed around at the pool.  He met a 5 year old little girl who brought him to slide down the water slide many times (which got me really surprised as usually he's timid and won't like to try these things!), and they had alot of fun!  

All in all, a pretty good weekend.  :)  Now its back to rushing those corrections for my dissertation again.  Hope you had a great weekend too?  What are your recommended places to go to fly a kite?


  1. You took some really beautiful pictures even with the 'grainy phone quality'! I especially liked the one with the kite in the air, and where the little boy was tangling with the string =)

  2. Evergreen: Hey thank you! :) I was banging my head for not checking the battery on the camera!



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