Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday scrapping: The boy and his bear

A quickie post before I turn in, since I'm way too zonked to do my corrections for my dissertation (which made its way back to me yesterday after being checked by the examiners...).  Just a scrap I did for a crop with a bunch of mainly churchmates, using the gorgeous ink-resist papers from Pink Paislee...

Using Pink Paislee's Parisan Anthology papers.  Love the ink-resist patterns pop up after you mist them!

Doing this LO was full of trials and errors.  I ruined a couple of papers along the way, and blur me added glue onto a Staz-On white ink pad instead of the glue pad, and wasted alot of time wondering why on earth my embossing powder didn't stick!  In the end I realized I took out the wrong pad, and managed to get my butterflies done:

... along with a whole load of flowers, which were either stamped or punched out:

Leaves were made using green Staz-On ink on transparency...
I realize stamping leaves on transparencies allow you to flip them the other way
if you want them to point in the opposite direction!
Large flowers were made using a scalloped circle punch. :)
Then it was inking and misting all the way...

The hubby took a look at the half-finished layout, declared it needed more brown, but said that I was getting my style back:

The paper used to mat the photo was also an ink-resist paper, but the fine details didn't show up after misting.
They turned up crisp and clear after I distressed the paper with brown ink though! 

Hmmm.  I seriously am not sure what "style" is he referring to, but I realize there are some things I need to do while making an LO, otherwise I'd feel funny:

:: Put some string on it.  Or twine.  And tie it to something.  A dog.  Or a tree...

:: Include a butterfly in there.  Somewhere.  Somehow...

:: Torture the papers, by punching, inking, misting or rolling them.  Or doing weird things like stamping with bubble wrap.  Or folding paper boats.

And all in all, I think I should stick to blues and browns.  I don't seem to do pink very well!

What are your favourite scrappy techniques that you can't do without?


  1. jia you in your corrections! love the string you tie.. and blue brown layout! no worries about style, just scrap and tell the stories! when i just started i remembered only buying my fav colours like blue, brown, black, white...especially those thickers.. slowly we just try out and use everything.. (for me everything cute for the boy, hahaha)

  2. A lovely layout! Fun visual details like the fluttering butterfly...:)

    I try not to spend more than an hour on each project so I frequently use supplies that work for me...mists, stickers and something found/upcycled.

  3. haha your style is so cute!! unfortunately I don't exactly do well with blue all the time. Pink is quite my color :)

    Love the LO of your sticky, sticky little boy :)

  4. I know nuts about scrap arts, but I only know your art-pieces looks gorgeous !

  5. Pink is my middle name! Paired with some blue and a tinge of yellow and a speckle of green somewhere...

    Your style is very distinct - blues and brown with a tinge of green is very you!

    Love your work as always! Glad the mojo's coming back. WHOO!!

  6. I love this very whimsical layout!! great paper , great misting!! just beautiful and the photo really captures the calm moment .

  7. Nice as usual. Love the details. I think it's great that you have your signature, which is a must for every artist.

    I'm inspired to do a piece for my baby..when I'm done with my thesis. Haha.

  8. Thanks people!

    Jo and Viola: Yes, you two rock pink, totally! :)

    Madeline: That's great, hang in there for the thesis, when will everything be finished up?

    Pooi: You have a point there. To concentrate on stories rather than style! :) I will remember that the next time I scrap!



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