Monday, October 25, 2010

A mish-mash sorta post... and 21 months!

Messy: painting with brushes and lady's fingers... just like how this post is gonna be!

Ok, I've left off blogging for a bit since I've been busy with the boy, and was rushing my scrap assignments, so this post is going to be rather random since I've got alot of unrelated stuff to ramble about! :p

The earlier part of last week saw the boy being sick and rather clingy... however he seemed much better on Tuesday night so we decided to bring him out to Holland Village for a nice dinner (and to pick up something).  Dinner went well, and he kept asking for more of the pumpkin soup we were having... he managed to finish quite a reasonable portion of his usual intake, but right at the end of the meal, something he tried from our plates probably tickled his throat, so he started coughing.  Once he started, he couldn't stop.  He hacked and hacked and hacked like an old man with bronchitis, and ended up doing a merlion all over himself at the restaurant, and we ended up having to clean him up on the sidewalk outside. :(  (The staff were nice and gave us serviettes and a bag for all the icky clothes, but we really felt bad about the mess...) and the coughing went on all the way home.  Thankfully it stopped later when he slept, but by then we were worried, exhausted, and had another restaurant to add to our list of places where we probably are banned from going! :p

However, Junior J is now more or less recovered save for a slight cough, so we're really glad... and here's the other things we are thankful for:

:: The rain for the past few days that has been washing away the horrible haze.  Before that, the haze was getting to us... and the lack of walks was making Nicky cranky and the doggy kept peeing in the kitchen to show his displeasure. :(  Thank God for clean air!

The boy found the activity so fascinating, he got upset when we ran out of cups.
So I had to bring all the cups back to the kitchen to allow him to repeat the activity!
:: Little helpers who help you prepare for bible study by carrying the cups to the dining table one by one, and lining them up at the edge (since he's too short).

:: Arty activities that keep little hands busy... even though they get really dirty after that!

OHHHH!  (That's what he says when he sees his dirty fingers.)

And on the scrapping front, I did this layout for my take on the challenge over at The Studio Challenge (click here for the details), which requires our journalling to take up at least 50% of the page (and this also celebrates the boy reaching 21 months yesterday!):

I used a sketch over at Crate Paper, and modified each square to be a "door", each chronicling one aspect of the boy (try to spot each one of them):

:: "O": For how he says "Ohhh" instead of zero, and how he can count from 1-10, and pronounces "seven" as "SEV-NO!"

::"P": For how he yells "PAPA!" whenever he sees the letter P, and how he pretend calls the hubby when he successfully pees in the potty ("PAPA?  Ssseeeehhh")... (He managed to pee in the potty 3 out of 3 times the other day, which made me so so happy!)

:: "H": For house, for the way he pretend plays in his house, holds us hostage and makes us pretend sleep on the floor inside the playpen... and for the way he keeps referring to the letter "H" as "chair".  And for "hand" and "hold" which he says when he wants to hold our hand. :)

:: "M": For how he yells "Mama" when he see the letter "M", or "MOON!", and his obsession with the round orb in the sky at night...

:: "R": For his ability to recognize the letter. :)

:: Hat: For how he loves to wear his cartoon hat and dance around with it... And how he loves music, and knows about 1/3rd of the words to the first verse of "Amazing Grace"...

:: Airplane: For how he looks up in the sky and says "AIRPLANE!" when he hears one go by... followed by the waving of hands and "FLY!"...

:: Boat: Which refers to his obsession with the song "Row, row, row your boat", which he makes us sing about 20 times a day (He loves the "crocodile" bit especially).

:: Book: This covers his love for reading, and how he loves stories about Curious George (especially the one on the chocolate factory) and Mother Goose.

:: Button: For his weird habit of looking for my belly button when he nurses at night, and his love of yelling "CIRCLE" at anything round that he sees.

Each door is decorated, with lots of journalling behind it... and attached using either twine or sewn on:

Here's "Curious George"'s representative. :P

I also included some more hidden journalling behind the photo to make sure I had more than 50% of the page covered:

One more thing... his obsession with wearing blue (and only blue) undies!

It was all inky and sew-y (the boy woke up the next morning, saw my blue fingers and got distressed when he couldn't clean off the blue off my fingers!)... and one square is done askew, just like how he takes out all the CDs off our shelf and puts them back haphazardly.  And of course, I used his favourite colour of all time: BLUE... (just like his "unnner-pans"!  Haha)  Happy 21 months, my little funny boy!

Will update the supply list later on...
Gotta go now... I haven't finish my German homework, and class is on later!  Have a blessed week ahead!

PS: No much weekend wanderings since the hubs was on call on Saturday.  We did manage to get our Christmas prezzies for each other (early I know, but the hubs watch was giving him rashes so he needed a new one), and I did manage to finish my cards for my assignment (PHEW... it was my first time doing cards, and I found it tough!).


  1. What a great layout! Thanks for coming my blog and for your sweet comment. :)

  2. i like the grid layout using the crate paper and all those precious journaling:)
    i also wanted to do the sketch on crate paper.. but sigh... no time! too many essays on hand for my module!

  3. cute cute cute!! looks like you are having a great time with the big man..:)

    all the best for your homework completion!!

    and have a good week..:)


  4. Very nice scrapbooking! I personally think a little mess is nothing compared to a bundle of talents and creativity that a kid poured when he mingling with art!;)

    have a great day and take care!

  5. Lovely post and photos,. Glad that his coughing stopped. How strange. Such a cutie.

  6. I love this layout. It's awesome and you are so talented :)

  7. another beautiful piece! wow.

    my son noey says "m for macdonalds!" every time he sees the letter -- can you beat that? it's all his grandparents' fault! they brought him!

  8. Justina, that LO is perfect. Lovely. Thoughtful. Thank you for sharing and inspiring!

    ... and to let you know you predicted rightly about my card for Moxie Fab World's perfectly placed pleats challenge! :) Thanks for giving me hope then when things didn't seem likely. It was really sweet of you! :)


  9. this is a fantastic layout!i was that you won the sketch challenge over at the crate paper blog !! congrats!! have a great day!

  10. What a fantastic way to capture thoughts and memories on your LO. Thanks for the inspiration.



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