Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Simply scrapping...

Am taking a short break from all that typing for my dissertation, and thought I'd just pop in here to update some of the scraps I've been doing this December:

An album for Junior J's sunday school mate (inspired by all those 6x6 mini-albums that Pooi makes):

I realized that I hardly scrap girl stuff, so I tend to pile on the pink when I do... :p

Some of the inside pages (papers from Echo Park's "Life is Good" collection):

And Junior J's scrappy version of a birthday card for that same friend:

I punched the shapes, he chose where to stick them and glued them on. :)

Then there's this LO I did for a crop with some of my DG girls:

I think the LO's rather sweetie-poo, and a tad different from my usual brown, brown and more brown ink layouts... :p

I really like the Basic Grey Curio papers... especially the flowers!

And I think the title is also a reminder to me to slow down and enjoy the beauty around me... :)
Did you see the title of the book I used?  Matches the theme, yes?

And me and my ex-colleagues did 2x2 inch Christmas-themed magnets and swapped with each other (again, we were inspired by Pooi's swaps!)... and I just got them today:

This was mine... My Mind's Eye papers, and glimmer misting all the way!

All 4 designs together (clockwise from top right): E's happy pinwheel, my poinsettia, P's really cool version that unfolds to reveal a happy Santa, and S's vintage trees with those cute tiny stars!

Ok. I'm off to eat some raspberry ice cream.  Whoops, I mean more typing.  Have a good day! :)


  1. All these artwork look so lovely! They make me wanna start creating some for myself!

  2. hohoho... i like your layout.. with those vintage page!!! and glad you enjoy doing those 6x6 minis ... and the FUN SWAP TOOOO!!!
    is all the surprises reveal :D
    and ya, keep writing and writing :)))

  3. Lovely scrap arts, I love especially the cover of Sarah's album, it portraits a very 'garden' feeling... the Happy santa is good too(actually I like it all)!

    Happy book scrapping!;D

  4. Hi!! all these projects are beautiful! you have been very busy! wow! I love the christmas cards and this layout is fabulous! have a great end of year!

  5. Merry Christmas, justina! I love your Curio layout!!! you are truly very creative and its amazing how fast you have developed in scrapbooking! Do hope you have a splendid NEW YEAR celebration. Take care. :D

  6. What amazingly gorgeous creations - you are so creative and innovative! I love all your work :) Keep on showing them here!

  7. These are just awesome creations J! I love what you did with those Curio papers! :) You have such a lovely style! :)

    Best wishes for the new year!

  8. Happy New Year!!
    I love your LO and the mini album cover! Keep on showcasing your work here! :)

  9. just curious, how does everyone manage to take such big and clear shots of their LOs, and so upright! is there some kind of photography technique to in doing so?

  10. Thanks everyone, and wishing you all a blessed new year! :)

    Juanna: I've replied your question over at your blog.

    June: You should try, its a great way to record those memories of your two little ones!

    Pooi: Yes, I totally know what you mean, its so nice to see everyone's finished product during the swap!

  11. Mmmm, I love that sweet layout... I agree that the Curio flowers are so beautiful... and yes, it was wonderful to use pages from "the secret garden" (one of my favorite childhood books... not that I'm that far from childhood anyway! Ha!) ... and of course little boy J is a cutie-pie!

  12. Viola: It was one of my fav books too! :) Yup, I remember you love working with Curio papers... :)

  13. Hey Jus! The Layout is oh so lovely.. love the flowers from curio papers. The swaps look awesome. We should do them every year for christmas ok! =)
    Have a great new year and all the best with the dissertation. love to see your awesome scrapping projects! Their such an inspiration. I hope i can find some time to do more this year.

  14. Hey Pram! Thank you! Yes, scrap more if you can this year, it'll be good to destress!



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