Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Celebrating Christmas

We spent the weekend simply.  Christmas evening saw us heading to Botanic Gardens with my parents...

My mum gave the little boy bread to feed the fish, and he loved it!

He had some difficulty throwing the bread though...

It rained halfway, so we had to seek shelter at the backstage portion of the stage at the Symphony Lake...

And we ended up having our pizza picnic there!
We ordered the pizza from Casa Verde and brought our own mats and salad. :)

It was Christmas service on Sunday morning, followed by a nice leisurely lunch with Junior J's sunday school mate, little S and her parents at Plaza Sing...

The two kiddoes get along rather well in general, and little S is really such a sweet little girl...
 Junior J wanted to colour his art journal, and the little girl kept saying hi to him , and he kept ignoring her for awhile!

Then we cooked dinner for 7 of hubby's hall mates, and they threw him a surprise birthday celebration, complete with awesome chocolate cake...

... and Junior J got to play with his new friend, little J too!  It was sweet to see how he would tell her "its OK!" whenever she fretted and looked for her mum... :)

Little J... Hubby's hall mate's daughter who's going to reach one soon!

It was nice, spending the season with friends and family.  I think I ate too much chocolate cake though!


  1. What a beautiful display of pictures of your family! Gorgeous photography! I love the bead throwing photo, speaks volumes!

  2. Merry Christmas! What a nice way to spend a meaningful and quiet Christmas indeed :)

  3. Sofia: Thanks... :) Happy new year!

    Beauties in our Lives: Yes, I think we prefer those quiet celebrations... no parties for us! :)



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