Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas traditions... and winners!

Christmas has come and gone, and from reading everyone's blogs/comments, I think we all celebrate in different ways.  For us, we've not have many family traditions to follow so far, but I'm hoping that some practices will establish themselves as family favourites in time to come. :)  We've been making it a point to try to remember the reason for the season, and celebrate Christ's coming to earth by singing carols with the little boy...

He tries to help by playing the guitar too.  :)

... and we try to pray for Christians around the world during the month of December, using the prayer booklet from Barnabus fund, which covers one country a day.  The little boy seems to understand our seriousness and clasps his hands together, and makes me do the same. :)  Reading about how Christians around the world are facing so much persecution makes me so grateful that we have the freedom of worship here...

Anyway, I loved the idea of making and writing cards before Christmas, while thinking and being thankful for our loved ones... and spending time together with family, be it in church, or at home.  Thanks everyone for sharing all your lovely traditions! :)  I hope all of you had a blessed weekend?

So here's our winners for the giveaway:

We had many liking the colourful set, and for those who didn't specify, I put you in the same group, since this bunch of goodies is larger! :)  And... drumroll... our winner is "musing..."!

And for the vintage set, some of you guys seem to have my leaning towards all things old and brownish. :)  So from the 5 of you, we have Viola who just managed to squeeze in her comment in time!

Congrats winners, and please drop me an email at john(dot)jus(at) with your mailing addys and I'll be in contact with you!  For the rest, thanks again for sharing, and I'll probably have another giveaway sometime early next year... Have a great week ahead!


  1. God bless you guys richly this coming year! And I hope I finally get to meet you in 2011!!- heh!

  2. Yay Jus! Thank you for your fabulous giveaway, it's amazing that I won! :) Great way to end the year, and great way to start the next. God bless you!

    I'm off to email you...

  3. I just read a book, " On this day in Christian history." I was amazed by the spiritual challenges that those days heroes and saints had been through in order to preach or worship! @_@

    Congratulation to the winners!^-^

  4. Merry Christmas :) and i really loved the Learning your ABC LO. Your little boy is really adorable.

  5. Sharon: Thanks! And yes, its quite funny that I've been bombing you with all sorts of silly questions, but I've not met you in person yet!

    Viola: Congrats again, will be posting it out tomorrow!

    Alice: Yes, I think we really have it easy here in SG... I'm thankful for that...

    Janice: Happy new year! And thanks! :)



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