Saturday, December 25, 2010

Twas the night before Christmas...

... and Junior J refused to go to sleep, until 11 plus!  While everyone was possibly counting down and hanging out with their loved ones, the little boy was literally crawling rings around me on the bed.  That was followed by him kissing my tummy (I ignored him, pretending to be asleep.  The hubby was on call).  So he said "tank you!" on my behalf and "welcum!" and repeated that whole procedure a few times.  So I asked him to sleep, of which his answer was an emphatic "NO!".  Then I told him that Mama would "beat beat" him for being naughty, and his response?  He grabbed my hand, looked sad, and asked me to beat his hand.  Then he crawled over, asked me to hold his hand, and of course asked for "nen-nen", after which he fell asleep.  That boy!  I think I'm going to stop giving him muffins.  It might be the sugar that's making him hyper!

Anyway, here's wishing everyone a blessed Christmas (or "Merry Chris-as" according to the boy) today...

The boy and I made cards together.  The ornaments were punched out from his artwork...
and I held his hand to write the words and sign off inside.
Its complete with random scribbles which he insisted on adding inside, but I'm sure the receipients won't mind!
... from us, and our little choc-chip muffin loving boy:

Have a great weekend!

PS: Its been so interesting reading about all your Christmas traditions, thanks for sharing them with me!  The giveaway is still open if you're interested... just click here. :)


  1. Merry Merry xmas to you!

    Your boy is so outspoken now! More to come!!!

  2. a blessed christmas to you and your family! i like to do the exact same thing of cutting shapes out of noey's artwork and using them for cards. my parents like them thankfully :)

  3. merry merry christmas to you and your family! A fruitful and wonderful year ahead for 2011, ya!
    hope to catch you and see you when you submit your dissertation to DL @ NIE! Jia you jia you... and also take care ya...

  4. Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a blessed year ahead!

  5. Such a sweet lovely boy, those are the most wonderful 'Christmas greeting' a mother would love to hear on a Christmas eve!^-^

    Happy holiday to you!

  6. it must be a tired night for you. but, it is a great milestone!

    Merry and Happy New Year to you and J family:).

  7. Jude is so cute!
    And yes, you're always welcome to visit my place...just sms me when you're coming!!

  8. Happy new year everyone!

    Pooi: I'm going to bang on your office door on the 10th of Jan, when I come with my dissertation! :)



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