Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Sometimes we learn...

I've been having massive cases of "scrap-block" the past few times I've sat down to scrap.  Argh...  Even the hubby notices it, and says I'm losing my scrapping mojo.  Perhaps its because I've hardly have a stretch of time to sit down and scrap away.  Anyway, I did get more time to scrap during the CNY period since the boy was busy playing with his grandparents, so I hastily assembled my materials and scrapped in the dining room (since our study was being used as a guest room for the in-laws).

So this was one of the projects I managed to complete while making a complete mess of the dining table:

Our Feb assignment for Papermarket was to use their new limited edition roses.  I thought I'd try something new by messing with paint in the background...

Photo of the little boy "ordering" pizza in Botanics.  I used the roses, paint, buttons, and the mini patterned papers from Sassafrass Lass Mix and Mend collection.

... but it turned out messier than I would like it to be.  (Told you, it was massive scrap block!)  Anyway, while struggling with scrapping, I think I've learnt a few lessons this round:

:: Painting is hard work.  The almost effortless splish splash of random splatters of paint on some LOs I've seen isn't easy to achieve.  Or perhaps I'm not good at painting... after all, Junior J seems to be way better at it than me.  I think I'll try to practice with him when he paints next time!

:: Hand-sewing using a uber-fine needle is painfully slow work, especially if you have to poke through many pieces of paper:

:: Both my boys are decidedly opinionated with regards to scrapbooking:  The hubby kept saying I needed to add lots of leaves to the LO to make it look like the boy was really in a garden (for a previous LO he kept telling me to add a nice bright yellow sun to it).  And the little boy insisted that I buy the Making Memories metal butterfly charms instead of the paper Prima butterflies (I think it was more because the charms made a rattling sound in the box, while the paper ones didn't!)!

Ok, gotta go, the boy is up... and we're going to make salt dough hearts! :)


  1. Wow! I personally think that the paintwork is awesome! it blends so well with your mix and mend papers and flowers! Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  2. I like this layout!! you shouldn't doubt your talent!! we all go through moments when we feel less creative! but you are a great scrapper!! and don't listen to your boys!!! you are he best judge!!!

  3. Thanks everyone... am comforted by your comments! :) Hopefully the scrapblock goes away soon!



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