Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Today, I give thanks that...

... the good Lord gave to me:

5 years of marriage...

4 great grandparents...

My fav shot of the week turned out blur. :(  But its still a keeper in my opinion. :)

3 cosy bedrooms...

2 boys to love...

... and Jesus who died and saved me!

PS: Short post today.  The boy has been rather fretful as he had a flu jab yesterday.  Also, he's been a mealtime monster (refusing to drink his milk during breakfast since Mon, and also spitting out his meals that are full solids), so I'm off to try to churn out something yummy in the hope that he will eat!

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Gosh... I love your sentimental pictures, this is what we call, "Pictures tell a thousand stories!"

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  3. I love the picture where Junior J is running after the bubble! So child like.. Love bubble blowing when I was a kid.. heh..
    And as always, I am thankful for the weekend. TGIF! :)

  4. Wonderful blessings you have in your life, and it is even more amazing that you take some time to reflect and be thankful. Really enjoy reading this post of yours!

  5. Thank you everyone! :)

    Tina, thanks for adding my blog in your directory. Will pop by and take a look soon!



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