Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monday Made: Chinese New Year decorations

Ok, this is rather late, but technically its still Chinese New Year, hehheh.  Anyway, we've kept the decorations in the house simple, since the boy is so sensitive to dust, and we weren't expecting visitors anyway... So it was just one single stalk of fake cherry blossoms in a jar (the boy got to carry it home, and he did, with pride):

:: We tried making firecrackers.  I rolled them up, stapled them and use the cropadile to punch holes (had to justify why I have one right?)... and the boy ended up lining them up in one straight row:

Then his Ah Kong guided him in how to string them up.  So it ended up being craftwork cum fine-motor skills training, all rolled in one.  (I rolled scotch tape around the end of the yarn to stiffen it, to make it easier for Junior J to thread them.)  We didn't hang them up though, as the boy decided that he liked to drag it along with him!

:: The boy also got to paint some rabbits.  I googled "rabbit template", chose an image I liked (sorry, now I can't seem to find the site I used though!), put a tranparency on my laptop screen and traced it out using a marker. (There's loads of rabbit related crafts online, thanks to the animal now being related to Easter...)  Then I cut out the image, and used it as a mask.  So the boy daubed red paint all over pieces of construction paper, and I cut the shape out after the paint was dry.  Then I added a little red ribbon and strung it up...

Junior J also had gathered these branches with his Ah Kong on one of their walks (the crazy rain meant there were alot of these lying around, and they were all washed clean!), so I arranged them in a vase and hung the rabbits on the branches.  I'm thinking of hanging various decorations from them for different occasions/festivals. :)

What crafts did you do this CNY?


  1. Beautiful crafts! Making firecrackers from hongbao packets is a great idea :) We used hongbao packets to make fishes and twirly lanterns which we hung on the pussy willows, and I cut out a 3D 春 origami to be hung on the pussy willow as well. Have a great CNY (still 8 days more!).

  2. All the CNY deco in my hse are bought... Spent so much time on spring cleaning, leaving no time for crafts...
    I like the hanging rabbit! :)

  3. The Beauties in Our Lives: Thanks for the extra ideas! :)

    E: Haha, at least you managed to spring clean!



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