Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend wanderings: Happy Chinese New Year!

Warning:  This post is "food-heavy".  Don't read on an empty stomach!

Lantern display at the Botanic Gardens....
Wowza!  Its been one really busy week... Even though we did not have to do any visiting (as we were not supposed to as my grandpa had passed away some time last year), it was a week full of family activities as the hubby's parents were visiting.  Most of the time was just spent at home with both sets of grandparents chatting and playing with the boy, and we also had a few nice meals and outings too!

:: New Year's Eve's reunion dinner consisted of steamboat with our immediate family, and we invited our German classmate, V and her hubby (they brought this really yummy tiramisu!) too...

Home-made ngo hiang made by my mum...

Lou hei which even the boy got to help to toss!

I was too busy keeping the boy from making a mess to snap a proper shot!

:: We had a picnic in Botanic gardens on the first day of CNY (the hubby was on call... sigh):

Pineapple rice, loaded with chilli padi... yumyum

... and blew bubbles in the park...

... or ran around trying to burst them!

:: And got to eat yummy healthy Korean food at Bibigo (at Raffles City) on the third day of CNY
(apologies for the crappy grainy photos for this day, since we only brought out the compact camera):

Rice salad: The little boy LOVED the rice crackers!

Our all time fav: Orange salad, really crisp and refreshing

Boiled pork slices: This the two grandmas loved.  Its nice, especially when you
wrap it in the seaweed, and add the garlic, chilli and pickles! :)

... and the grandparents got some after-dinner entertainment from the little boy dancing around in Papermarket with a suitcase (something he does everytime I bring him there!), while I handed up my assignment:

:: We then paid a quick visit to Chinatown upon my mum's insistence, but there was not much to look at:

:: Then the in-laws left for home on Sunday, and we headed for the park in the evening:

Enjoying the breeze and examining one of the many grass flowers,
with stamens and stigmas all aflutter...

View at the reservoir. :)

:: And in between all the feasting and festivities (the boy got a break from home-learning stuff so he could play with his Ah Ma and Ah Kong all day), the boy got to make up his own CNY displays:

... and of course, received some hong baos, which he happily passed to me!

:: While I ate way too many CNY goodies (after reading about the high calorie count for just the pineapple tarts, I think my waistline is in big big trouble):

Can you spot the love letters?  The ones in SG are rolled up, while those in M'sia are folded into quarters,
which means you get lots more in a tin of the same size!

I hope you had a smashing Chinese New Year too! :)


  1. Fabulous photos of the food and your beautiful! Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Looks like you had a lovely time - full of warmth and family! The best kind!

  3. Which park did you all go? The sunset was beautiful!!

  4. Lovely pics! I'm also a chilli padi fan. haha :)

  5. Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

    E: We went to Upper Peirce Reservoir. Its a really nice place, and not too crowded compared to places like Botanics. :)



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