Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Some random stuff

Hello hello!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the Chinese New Year break?  Its been rather quiet this year with no visiting for us to do, but Junior J had all 4 grandparents hanging out with him the past few days... so I took the opportunity to finish up some scrap stuff.  I can't show them yet for various reasons, but here's some stuff I've done recently for Papermarket that I've yet to post up:

A 2011 calendar... 

... with pockets for every month to keep all sorts of memorabilia... 

... using a really nice vintage calendar printed from a download from Crafty Secrets (thanks, Viola, for the link!), and papers from Basic Grey's Curio collection.

Then there was a jar of yummies we were asked to alter for Sticky, which sells handmade candy (which you can find on the shelves of Papermarket too!):

Handmade roses, tiny stamped doilies and lace to decorate the jar...

I used my fav papers from Crate Paper's Restoration. :)

... which holds these happy rainbow coloured sweets!  Yum yum... sorry I can't share the sweets though, since I had to hand the jar up too! :p

OK, I gotta run now, we're off to the park!  Hope you've been having a great weekend!


  1. Hiya!

    Just dropped by! U got some Nice photos! :)

    Will be dropping by again :)

  2. Love the calender! What a great idea for storing memories from 2011!!

  3. Very beautiful calendar!!! I am also making an album to store highlights of 2011 but progress is sloooow...

    Had a wonderful break during cny and it's back to the normal hustle and bustle tmr... boo!

    Tc! and post more photos of Junior J pls! ;)

  4. oh! that mini album is just amazing!! you are so talented! and this jar is really sweet! would love to tastre these colorful bonbons!! hope you had a nice stroll at the park!!

  5. Thanks everyone...

    Sophie: Yes we did, it was really nice hanging out at the park! :)

    E: Haha, yes yes, I just posted his photos in the next post!



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