Friday, March 25, 2011

Foodie Fridays: A confession

We don't have a recipe book holder.  I scribble recipes on post-its and stick them on the kitchen cabinet! :p

Ahhh... If you have read really old entries for my blog, you might know that I initially embarked on a 3/7 resolution last year, amongst a whole load of other grand plans.  :p  Then I've stopped writing those Foodie Friday posts... because I think I'm still a long way to go in fulfilling that resolution!  Some of you would think, hey, she's a stay-home mum.  She only has one child to care for, putting dinner on the table shouldn't be difficult right?

Well... erm, not so, since I must admit I totally CANNOT cook.  My mum was a pretty decent cook, and her idea of taking good care of her family was making sure we ate well, and didn't need to lift a hand in the kitchen.  I did try to learn how to cook from her, but she was so particular about her kitchen being kept clean, and things being used in a particular way, that we drove each other nuts!  I wisely decided to take the easy way out and stay out of the kitchen, and enjoy the food.  So the only time I got to cook was perhaps during Home Economics lessons in school (which I can't remember much of, except that we had a draconian teacher who made my partner wear a wash basin on her head for not wiping it dry, and that we made pineapple upside down cake).

Pasta: One of the dishes I can cook, and have learnt how to prep the sauce from scratch...

Then I moved to a student residence during my uni days, and that was when I started experimenting in the kitchen, but it was simple stuff like pasta.  It helped that I met the hubby then, and he loved to cook. :)  But fast forward to today, and I admit, I'm still pretty bad in the cooking department (should have taken cooking classes instead of that masters course, yes?).  I'm now more adventurous in trying new recipes, but with time constraints and my knack for turning out culinary disasters, I do admit I sometimes get lazy and try to avoid cooking. :p

However, I'm still very inspired by the amazing examples of mums who cook for their families.  Like S, who works, and still ensures the family has a home-cooked dinner every night.  Or the hubby's aunt in Taiwan, who went from not being able to cook, to being a really good cook (her little son fattening up is a good testament to her culinary skills!).  Right now, I've managed to cook 3-4 nights a week (some nights the hubby is on call, and my mum sometimes brings food over), but with the post-trip disorientation and the bad flu, cooking has been sidelined for abit.   However, I guess there's still hope for me, and I'll try to blog about it to keep myself accountable. :p  At least the boy seems to be eating better now, and with him on "adult food" it means I'm forced to be creative in making his meals at least!

Frittata: A dish that I love, but can't cook often for the hubby, thanks to all those eggs...

So stay tuned for more updates from our kitchen, hopefully they will be good ones... and do share any tips you have for getting dinner on the table everyday! :)  Have a great weekend!


  1. I can't cook that well too:(

    I had been kept out of the kitchen by my dad but am really thankful that I have a dad that is a great cook:)

    But I know it will never be the same as myself cooking for my family and so I am learning now:)

  2. haha i can totally relate to your post (: my gran keeps me out of the kitchen too, so i cant exactly cook, even have to ask my sis sometimes to on the stove for me yikes. but i want to learn cooking tho to get myself ready when i start my own family heh (: anyway, just wanna say that you're an awesome mum! reading your blog entries about the activities with your son really puts a smile on my face (:

  3. wow that pasta and frittata looked really good!
    Yeah, my mum always said she wanted us to learn how to cook, but when we were in the kitchen she would get all flustered at us doing things too slow! Thankfully, she's learnt to let us just do it and we've improved...I remember once I fried rice for the first time by myself and my cousin was helping me out and told me to put 'Or tau yiu' (black soy sauce) into it! Parents almost fainted coming back to see the fried rice so black!

    We like to steam our vegetables, lightly salted, and then after they are cooked, put olive oil/sesame oil. This keeps the colour of the greens really green, lets the sweetness of the vegetable come out and is much healthier than frying (of course some veges are still better fried). All the best with your cooking adventures!

    (sorry for the massive comment!)

  4. Thanks everyone! Am sorta encouraged that everyone is still willing to learn and try to cook!

    Juanna: Thanks! I have fun doing those activities...

    Evergreen: Thanks for the tip on the veggies! We usually blanch the veggies in boiling water instead of frying too... And no, no need to apologize, thanks for taking the time to type it all! :) Your account of the fried rice made me smile!



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