Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Made: Beanbags and prepositions

Hello!  It was those busy, stay-home weekends since the hubby was on call on Saturday, and I didn't do much crafting save for Junior J's 26th month scrap.  But when the hubby was doing his German homework last night (I've stopped classes, and am so glad I no longer have homework, hehheh), I stayed up with him and sewed a little beanbag for the boy, using some really old green beans from my mum:

They are easy to sew, just straight seams all around. :)  They're great to use as make-shift beds for toys, and also for those throwing games where you get them to throw the beanbag into a box/container etc...

We also tried playing this game to help Junior J with his prepositions (he uses "on" for everything: "on the room", "on the bowl", and gets confused when I tell him its "in the bowl").  I would sing "Put the beanbag in/on/under the ____ (insert item in blank)", to the tune of "This is the way", and end it with "Where is beanbag now?" to which Junior J will answer me.  Hopefully all this practice will help him with those prepositions, since they can be confusing (I know, since up to now I can't get my German prepositions right!).

So today, Mr Beanbag has been:

On Junior J's head...

In a bowl... (and later, under it)

On top of the bricks...

And in a container!

Think both the beanbag, and the boy had fun. :)  Oh, and here are more ideas for beanbag games...  Have a great week ahead, and come over to play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up!


  1. so nostalgic, i remember having lots of beanbags to play with, although I have no idea why or how they came to me lol

  2. Great idea to make bean bags! My mum used to make it when I was young too!

  3. I love the idea! And it's great to know that all little boys are just as sweaty in this hot, humid weather!

  4. Bing and Jo: Haha, we didn't have them at home when I was young, but I remember all those throwing games during PE class in Pri school! Seems ages ago!

    The Part Time Domestic Goddess: Thanks! :) And actually he just had a bath, so his hair was wet, but he does perspire quite abit on a normal day!

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