Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Cast your cares...

Yesterday something happened that gave us a huge scare, but things are ok now... And during this process, we are reminded to cast our cares upon God.  And that "In Christ alone, our hope is found"!

And here's our thankful list for the week:

:: Helpful hands around the house.  The hubby who vacuums (and little boy prays "Dear God, thank you for Papa vacuum!"), and takes care of Junior J when I'm tired... And the little boy, who enthusiastically tries to help in household chores, from washing clothes and folding wash cloths...

Rather messy, but the boy tries to fold the wash cloths everytime he sees them.  :)

... to setting the table:

Yesterday, I gave little boy his bowl and my plate to place on the table.  Then I gave him a whole bunch of cutlery for myself and him, and saw this upon reaching the table... My cutlery and his all neatly sorted out in his bowl and my plate!  Was pleasantly surprised as we did not teach him how to sort the cutlery!

... and helping to cook (by "cracking" the eggs and putting veggies into the pan:

He's quite overenthusiastic when it comes to knocking the eggs to crack them, and I have to make sure he doesn't splatter them everywhere!

:: Friends, who keep you in prayer and provide listening ears...

:: A really lovely playdate Junior J could have with the hubby's friend's daughter, J yesterday.  I had a nice time talking with N (J's mum) too!  (But I forgot to snap photos!)

:: And of course, funny antics by the little boy.  Like his incessant singing of songs like "DoReMi" and "The Farmer in the Dell" while banging on the piano.  Or him trying to sit in his toddle truck and pushing himself along (while remembering to pack some of his favourite alphabets and his water bottle!):

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. like this post somehow as it reminded me of my gals helping too when i'm without domestic help. Great that you've let junior J proved himself that he can be a helper (doesn't matter good or not)! Good job boy!

    when i read the part of him trying to crack the egg, i can imagine the anxiety of the mum. I've been through that too! And, believe me, the next time he sees you taking out an egg, likely he will want to crack it again!

  2. O Tulip Mama: So nice that your girls help too! Haha, yes, he was hitting the eggs with gusto, and was so worried that he would splatter them all over himself! But it was sorta fun, cooking with the boy...

  3. Hi! I love reading you blog. You've done a fantastic job with Junior J. I just wanted to find out from you how you get him to help you out at home and keep him occupied while you cook. Or even get him involved. I have a 20 mth old boy and I am trying to do the same but he wld make a big mess out of things. When I bring him to the kitchen he'd just keep opening and closing the kitchen cabinets that just drives me mad. Hence I've stopped cooking or if I do I'd do it during his nap which is quite rush and I end up having no time for myself. Any advice? Also do you have a daily routine or you just go with the flow?

  4. BusyMummy: Thanks for dropping by, and thank you! He used to also make a mess of things at 20 months! I think things will get better as they get slightly older. Previously he would play on his own in the kitchen/living room and I would try to give him some of the toys that he hasn't been playing with for awhile to ensure he would be interested, or let him stick different magnets on the fridge/washing machine. Sometimes I'll give him stuff to sort, like different coloured straws etc. Some mums also recommend filling up one drawer in the kitchen with stuff that he might be interested in, like tupperwares, and perhaps pasta where he can do transfer activities etc.

    To get him to help at home, I've just been letting him help in simple activities like washing/plucking veggies, washing rice, and pouring out his cereal/spooning his yoghurt. I usually show him how to do it and guide him, if he doesn't want to, or doesn't co-operate then I stop, and try again weeks later. You could try "cleaner" activities like washing veggies and rice first, where there's little mess to be made...

    And we do roughly follow a routine each day, since we find the boy's mood is driven by naptimes and mealtimes, and if he doesn't get to nap on time he has a meltdown. So usually its the playground/market/library in the morning, lunch, reading/own play then his nap. Evenings are more flexi as it depends on whether the hubby is home, but we now try to get home by 8.30 to let the boy wind down for bedtime.

    Hope this helps, if anything, feel free to drop me an email! :)



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