Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: I cleaned my sink... (and Project Spare Attire)

My cough/flu seems to be better but the germs seemed to have ran away with half my brain, so please excuse the rambling nature of today's post... So anyway, Project Clean-up has still been ongoing, but has hit a slump with every cold I got.  I've managed to dig out some clothes to give away or sell, cleared quite abit of trash and all my NIE masters notes (I admit I had to close my eyes, empty all my files and firmly tell the sentimental voice in my head that I wasn't keeping any of those painstakingly written and colourful summaries, in the event that I might need to refer to them in the future).

Then recently while reading my usual blog reads, I came across the "Baby Steps" on FlyLady.  When I first read it, I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  Clean my sink?  When I have a study table that is tottering under piles of papers and scraps and art materials?  When there's a pile of laundry that is screaming to be washed?  Cleaning the sink seems like something much lower on my priority list.  But since I was doing the washing up after dinner the other night, I thought, "why not?"... since the sink needed a proper scrub anyway.  So I went at it with a wire sponge and some detergent.  I didn't go to the extent of drying the sink or shining it as was recommended, but I think I see the sense in that first step.  After about 15 minutes of elbow grease, I had a nice clean, shiny sink.  Not much effort, yet, a nice shiny spot in the whole messy house.  Nice!

So after the sink-cleaning incident, the next day after the dish-washing and a quick rinsing of the sink... I decided to clean my stove... Now the hubby is thinking I've gone a little bonkers.  Its still only taking about 20 minutes of my day, I now have 2 clean spots in my house (the stove and sink), and I'm thinking of wiping that terribly dirty glass hood next.  And I just might follow through with all those other baby steps listed since they seem rather do-able and won't take time away from family... Perhaps the fever has really affected my brain.  Oh well, we'll see how it goes!

And since I'm talking about decluttering and all... on a slightly related note, you might want to check out Project Spare Attire Flea Market sale happening this weekend:
Date: 23 April, Saturday
Time: 1500-2000 hrs
Venue: Home Club
20 Upper Circular Road B1-01/06
The Riverwalk

All proceeds go to the SUN-DAC Centre for the Disabled's Client Welfare Fund.  More details here!

Ok, gotta run, the boy is up!

PS: I've just managed to finish replying to all your comments in the past week... apologies for the delay since I know some of you had questions!


  1. Hope the flu bug gets busted along with the grime and grease! Poor you - you've been fluey for quite a while! Take care and thanks for sharing about Project Spare Attire :)

  2. Corsage: Oh ya, tell me about it! Hope this is the last one for a long time! And no worries, hopefully I get to go down to do some shopping too! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are getting better! :) And thank you for sweet blog comments! :) No worries about using the cardboard woodgrain idea! Enjoy! :)

  4. Sharon: Oh thank you! It really was a great idea and such a lovely layout! :)



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