Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Today...

... the flu is making me feel woozy, but I thought I'd just quickly pop by to give thanks for:

:: God's mercy and love.

:: The hubby patiently chipping in these days to take care of Junior J so I can rest... even to the point of skipping German class!

:: Morning walks with the boy where he gets to run around at the playground... and we get to enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, like blowing at dandelion-like fluffy seeds:

:: Animal friends that sit with you through cooking sessions, that would eat anything you feed them:

:: Little things that help to make life easier: The rice cooker.  The washing machine.  Sharp knives that cut well.  The little boy being able to pull up and down his pants on his own when he goes potty.

Gotta go and rest abit.  What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Get well soon Jus!!

    I'm thankful for airconditioning, it has been absolutely SWELTERING the past few days!

  2. Mama J , are you better now?

  3. oh my goodness, we have the same dancing crazy donkey! Hope you're feeling better!

  4. Daphne: Thanks... :) Oh yes, its been so darn hot... thankfully it rained just now!

    Godpa: Haha, yes, the cough is way better now... thanks!

    Jillian: You have the same fellow too? Haha! It was a gift from the hubby's friend, and the dancing and song drove us NUTS! But the boy loved it, and now sometimes donkey is his picnic/meal mate. :)

  5. Unfortunately or (fortunately for our eardrums) the donkey had an accident and broke his back. His dancing days are over and one night while the children were in bed, we had to dispose of him. :)

  6. Jillian: Hmmmm, then I think fortunately, since you ended up the comment with a smiley face when you said you disposed of him! ;)



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