Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Made: How to build a town in less than 5 minutes

I got hit by a really bad flu over the weekend (believe it or not, its the third time in a span of 4 weeks!), so crafting took a backseat after the swaps on Friday.  However, we did manage to "build" something this weekend while the hubby was on call:  Our own little town, done on a piece of mahjong paper stuck down to the floor with masking tape:

I just drew in roads, houses and ponds using crayons and let the boy doodle in grass and whatever he wished:

Then he brought his passengers from his bus for a swim:

Then suddenly all his animals started invading the town, and he let the animals move into the houses and take over the pond (and he asked me to draw in more houses too):

I went off to prepare lunch and came back to find the animal invasion complete!

Then if it wasn't enough that his animals took over his entire town... they proceeded to hijack the public transport system as well, hitching free rides on the trains:

I guess the people in this little town had no choice.  One can't really argue with a triceratops.  Especially when it has pointy horns and is extremely mobile on a train carriage!

I'm thinking of drawing plains, mountains and rivers on the next piece of mahjong paper.  What about you?  Do you use mahjong paper for your child's play?  


  1. Haha.. this looks fun!
    Mahjong paper is indeed useful. I use it to cover and wrap around the kids' working table and they could doddle on it as and when they like. The kids write/draw more often on it than in ex book or paper. It's useful too whenever they decide to do any 'dirty' craft (eg painting) on that table. The only thing is I can't keep their drawings on it (the piece usually ends up quite dirty). Would just capture any nice drawing/writing with camera instead.

  2. Awesome! What a simple idea made fun. Aint it great how we, mothers, can churn out fun-ness with everyday stuffs? Of course, you nv fail to make the fun look more fun with your witty humour. I bet kiddo sure had a whale of the time expanding his town into an empire and probably gotta add more pcs of paper to expand his land. =)

  3. CE: Wrapping the table seems like a good idea! Just like some restaurants that do it and provide chalk/crayons for customers to doodle...

    Yvonne: Heehee, thanks... right now its still one piece, thankfully. And the dinosaurs have ousted the people and are permanently swimming in the pool!

  4. Oh I love this idea Jus! We use mahjong paper for painting/drawing, but what you did is awesome! Maybe you could do different landscapes each week. One big city, one farmland etc. Will be SO fun :)

  5. Corsage: Farmland! That's an idea... with pastures for the sheep and a chicken coop for the birdies. Thanks, will try that next!



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