Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday scrapping: Swaps

Hello!  I had this opportunity to take part in a swap just yesterday with 18 other scrappers.  We were given doillies to work with as the base, and we were supposed to use mists and flowers on them...

So there was some mass production, and I went with a naturish theme (I got the flowers from here):

And came up with this:

The nest was inspired by this layout I saw on Sharon's blog... but I had an unsuccessful hunt for suitable twine to use (thankfully, my good pal Jo came and saved me by giving me 50 yards of her twine, thank you gal!).  I wanted robin's eggs, but thought making clay ones would be too troublesome, so I used blue-green cardstock, splattered with brown poster paint, and distressed with brown ink... the eggs are what I like most! :)

So all my little birdies have flown off and found their new homes last night.  Initially I was rather apprehensive about the swap since I didn't know everyone (and I'm the shy type that hides in the toilet during parties... the little boy seems to take after me too), but I've realized scrappers are all really nice and friendly people, and it was a nice time of chatting and eating yummy food. :)

And here are 9 more really lovely creations made by others from the swap (I wish I could link them up but I don't know their blogs...):

I've been oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over all the prettiness! :)  Quite amazing what you can do with mists, doillies and flowers isn't it?

Hope you've been having a great weekend! :)


  1. wow!! I like all of them!! They are so beautifully made :) well done :) are all local scrappers?

  2. They are all so gorgeous!! :D Love your little bird's nest, very sweet.

  3. thanks for the extra birdnest for me!!!

  4. They all look amazing. I love the one with the white bird cage the most.

    How is the distressing technique done?

  5. Jean: Not all of them are local, some were flown in through the post! :) Which makes them all the more special I guess!

    Dotz: Thanks! :)

    Pooi: Welcome, they were fun to make!

    Susan: I like that one loads too! :) To distress, you basically rub off ink onto the paper using a sponge... I used brown distress ink (sold at scrap stores) and the ink sponges (you can also try other soft sponges like makeup sponges)... I love the technique since it helps to give a nice "outline" for stuff! :) Hope this helps...

  6. Susan: Welcome! Happy scrapping!



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