Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Made: Match those shapes!

Hello!  Little boy has recently been rather interested in sorting out objects into various categories (colours for example), and also matching similar pictures together ("SAME!" he'd declare),  so I made little cards of shapes of different colours for him to play with.  I tried finding similar printables online, but couldn't find anything suitable, so I came up with our own version (printed on normal white paper, laminated, and cut out):

I started the boy off with just 6 different shapes, in 4 different colours, and we just scattered them on his table, and he got sorting:

We sorted them first by shapes:

Then went on to sort by colours:

And since he was going strong, I added 2 more colours to the mix and repeated the activity, and these little cards kept him busy for over 20 minutes. :)  I'm planning to add more shapes into the mix (there are 9 in total right now), and perhaps do thematic cards next time as well...

I'm not sure if it'll come in useful for your kiddoes too, anyway, you can download the printable here (its free of course, but I'd appreciate a link back if you do blog about it!).  Do download and save the document before printing, as it seems to show up a little funny if you load it directly on your browser.

Oh, and for older kids, you could teach them how to spell, since the words are printed on every card.  Or you could print two copies of all the cards, and play those memory matching games where you place the cards facedown and open only 2 cards at any time, and try to match the pairs together.  Have fun!

Have a great week ahead... Do come over to play at the Childhood 101 We Play link up!


  1. Ooh I made little cards like these on the back of the husband's old business cards some time ago. Alas, I didn't have a laminator then and they've all been nicely chewed up ;)

  2. this is a great idea!! I'm going to try this with the kids this week.

  3. a grea idea :)
    thanks for sharing, will give it a try and do it with my little girl....

  4. Corsage: Old business cards! That's an idea! :)

    Daphne: Thanks... would love to know how it goes!

  5. Was googling for some activities to do with my boy when I stumbled upon your blog.. and I like it! Thanks for sharing the activities you do with your child, now I've got a few good ideas!

  6. Ruth: Glad to be of some help! Thanks for sharing your ideas too, like the playdough recipe, over at your blog! :)



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