Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thankful Tuesdays: Let love seep through the cracks

I slipped and fell in the bathroom yesterday (my mum had decided to rinse the floor by dousing it with soapy water left over from washing clothes).  Fell down splat.  Ended up with a painful wrist that made housework difficult, and throbbing legs that kept me up at night.

So today, after alot of hobbling around the house, and painful squatting everytime I had to bring little boy to go potty... I was feeling rather sorry for myself.  (Ok I admit, I had a little pity party and ate some potato chips, and a pear to balance the unhealthiness of the chips.)  Life felt like it was cracking a little and falling apart.  But when I sat down to write this, I realize there have been rays of sunshine and love that have been streaming through the cracks as well and into my life:

:: Reminders that I am a "jar of clay", but that I carry a treasure within me (2 Cor 7: 4-12).  And that while I can be broken, the cracks can also let the treasure shine through...

:: The hubby who rushes home everyday to spend time with us, despite his hectic and sometimes long days...

:: Rainy days spent reading well-loved stories...

:: My mum who helped baby-sit for a short while today before rushing for her class...

:: Friends who are quick to listen and slow to judge...

:: Readers who pop by and take the time to leave some encouragement or tips...

:: And... little messes around the house that show that little hands have been busy, and a little mind has been learning:

Greater control and the ability to draw circles and lines...

Smooth, beautiful crayon rocks from a friend, in a rainbow of delicious colours...

The mastery of the tripod grip, and little eyebrows furrowed in concentration...

Meals for little busy people...

Little cities waiting to be moved into...

And if that wasn't enough to fill me up to the brim... The doorbell rang in the afternoon, and with it came flowers, from a dear friend who knew I was having a tough time this week:

I especially loved the little ladybird, nestled within the blooms. :)

So much love, it has to pour through the cracks. And the aches and pains become so much more bearable.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Love the way your little prince holding the crayon.

  2. awww! thats really sweet of your friend to send you those flowers. Hope you are feeling better. The days ahead can only get better! Press on, Justina!

  3. get well soon, and your camera is not getting much rest haha

  4. Pray that you will have a speedy recovery. Thanks so much for all the encouragements and hope in yr sharing :)

  5. Honestly, I've always thought you photoshopped your pics! Now you're the one with an eye for photography..

  6. Sorry to hear about your fall, hope you feel better soon. I love those crayon rocks, the colors are beautiful! In the first picture I actually thought they were candy.

  7. Sorry for your fall, hope you're feeling better.

    I didn't realize those bean looking things were crayons till the picture of your boy drawing with them.. Very nice.

    Your friend is so nice to send flowers!

  8. Sorry to hear about your bad week. Thanks for sharing little uplifting moments despite not feeling so good yourself! The flowers are well-deserved :)

  9. Oh dear...hope you are recovering from the fall. But glad to see that you are still giving thanks in everything. :) Feel better soon...

  10. Hi Justina,

    I'm sorry to hear about your fall. It must be really terrible (especially over soapy water). Ouch! Anyway, glad to know you are beaming with positivity despite it all. Way to go, gal! And wishing you speedy recovery. Oh, and I Love your post and the little captions that go with your photos.

  11. Thank you dear people, for all your sweet comments! Today, the aches are all better, and housework is easier. :)

    Jillian and Madeline: Yup, they were actually soy-based crayons, really pretty colours and very happy-looking. We were blessed by our friend who bought an extra set for Junior J when she purchased a set for her own daughter. Think they are available on Etsy. :)

    Andy: Haha, yes... Pressing the shutter button doesn't take much energy thankfully! :)

    Daphne: Thanks! Nah, I've just been too lazy with Photoshop. Too many options and buttons, its scary! :)



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