Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Made: Trail to the Tree

Easter and Good Friday are approaching, and I'm starting to see Easter eggs popping up everywhere.  Tutorials on making them.  Chocolate ones on sale.  Furry, cute Easter bunnies, both store-bought and home-made.  (I must admit that I find the daintily painted eggs rather beautiful.)   Junior J even has a story book from his grandpa about the Easter bunny.  However, I've realized while Christmas still is remembered as the birth of Christ, amidst the Christmas trees, Santas and giving of gifts, the celebration of Easter is rather silent about what it stands for: The empty tomb, the nail-pierced hands, the crown of thorns.  Yet we so need to remember these, especially in times like these, where disasters abound and there is so much need for hope.  

So this April, we want to remember what Good Friday and Easter stand for, and I'm hoping to read through this 17 day devotion on Easter.  And I hope and pray the little boy will also be able to grasp why we celebrate Easter, so I took the artworks included in the devotion (what better way to tell stories than to pour over the works of the masters!), printed them out, trimmed them and made a little "Trail to the Tree" book for the boy:

Cover of our little book: A little worn cross (a souvenir from a colleague who visited Israel),
and some symbols of rebirth (butterflies and eggs)

I'm hoping to read through the attached Bible passages and paraphrase them for the boy, and spend some time everyday exploring the artwork with him.  Help us to remember, Lord.  And help us to treasure your death and resurrection!

How do you help your children to understand the meaning of Good Friday and Easter?


  1. i really love this project (: i pray that your boy will grow up to be a God fearing child of God (: i've so much to learn frm you. i always believe that godly mothering is one of the most impt ministry and i see that in you. (:

  2. super love what you did Jus! Your love of God and the way you try to instill it in your boy is amazing. God bless! =)

  3. Juanna: Thanks for the prayers, really appreciate them! And thank you for the reminder that mothering also is a ministry... I guess we learn as we go along, and God helps us! :)

    Merdrey: Thanks shifu! :)

  4. This is beautiful...the whole book is beautiful especially because of what is in it and the effort you are making to teach your little boy about Jesus. I'm so, so glad you and your hubby are bringing him up in the Lord and know that God will give you the grace and strength for it!



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